reminder that the guy #BryanLunduke that claimed mozilla is sponsoring "#antifa email" is marketing director at #purism.
He claimed that #mozilla would by this, support a domestic terrorist organisation. In fact they where supporting a hosting collective focused on security.
see here for reffer:

When I was pointing him out on his errors and miss understanding of what antifa actually is, he claimed me doing libel. I gave him my word that he will be driven off from here, when he does not change his agenda. he's back as marketing director of #purism. How to respond to this?
cc @purism

see also:

having #BryanLunduke to be part of your company is actually harmfull for your brand, except when you try to apeal to the right wing.


Are you really accusing @lunduke of being "alt-right"?

Jesus, stop embarrassing yourself, kid!


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@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

Wait. Am I alt-right again? :)

I can never keep track. Some days I'm a communist. Other days a fascist. Occasionally a Liberal. Today, I guess, I'm alt-right! :)

Hey @paulfree14: I don't think you and I are as different as you might think. My guess is you're a nice guy that means well and strives to do good in the world.

Maybe we can both be alt-Awesome?

To be fair, if you consider antifascism to be terrorism while working for a company that prides itself in providing a platform for violent extremists, you're just a bad person, regardless of what label you want to throw out
@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism


1) Being against fascism is not terrorism and I have never said anything remotely like that.

2) I do not work for a company that "prides itself in providing a platform for violent extremists." You're gonna need to back that one up.

3) That was a really mean post.

@paulfree14 @steven @gabriele @purism

Yes. That's a thing. I discuss legal status and statements made by government officials about a specific organization (one that associates with *many* other loosely knit organizations sharing a name). How is that alt-right?

@lunduke @purism @gabriele @steven @paulfree14 something like "everyone that isn't antifa is a fascist" i'd assume.

Saying people are terrorists because they oppose fascism is pretty fucked up, especially when you consider the fact that you're currently working for an organization that promotes and caters to violent extremists
@paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

@steven @paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

I'm not saying that. Not in the slightest.

I was covering how government officials consider a specific organization. Had zero to do with my own viewpoints.

And... can you point to where Purism does what you say?

Which specific organization? The screenshot refers only to Antifa, and there aren't any antifa groups that can be described as terrorist organizations

It's also weird that you're claiming Purism didn't fork Mastodon when that's clearly a lie
@paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

@steven @purism @gabriele @paulfree14 @lunduke the definition of terrorism is "to use violence as a means to further a political cause"
Please, by that definition, explain how antifa, a political militia, is not a terrorist organization.
Or do you deny that the organization has ever engaged in politically motivated violence?
@nerthos @steven @gabriele @lunduke @paulfree14 @purism

brain floss mode: explain how "violence as a means to further a political cause" doesn't describe any army in general?
@null I don't have an issue with violence, I have an issue with hipocrisy and individuals that want to deal it but are horrified at the prospect of taking it.
@nerthos the "there should be a law" crowd. I get it.
@null I'm not an anarchist, I just hate cowards that want to use the state to do whatever they please at the expense of others without consequence, regardless of how far up in the chain they are. Using a gang to attack severely outnumbered opponents also counts.
The battlefield is territory of those willing to gamble their lives on their skill, not of "moooom he hit me!" faggots.
@nerthos "Using a gang to attack severely outnumbered opponents also counts."

What do you think police do?
@null I'm not going to get in a police argument, specially considering it is likely police where you live and police where I live act in radically different ways.
@nerthos sure. it's also just a huge can of worms. my point in the thread was just that the definition "violence as a means to further a political cause" is so broad and useless that it invariably includes the speaker.

if we do debate police, i promise to do so without gross exaggeration or simplification. just so that's on the table if desired.
@null that's fair enough, I just wanted to put the hypocrital asshole in a position he couldn't thought-gymnastic his way out of
@null but, if you want my opinion on when police should or shouldn't intervene, I consider they absolutely shouldn't get involved in personal issues like fights between two private parties, but criminals attacking without provocation are fair game for whoever wants to go after them, cop or not, as they would never offer a victim the benefit of a fair fight, so they shouldn't expect to get it either.
@nerthos almost sounds like an honor code of sorts.
@null to me, honor is the building block of coexistence.

if it's deferred violence, i can respect it.
if it's glorified docility and impotence...
@steven @purism @gabriele @paulfree14 @lunduke terrorists because they oppose fascism. you must be kidding did you take some drugs? are you ok?

Bryan Lunduke, anti antifa Show more

@June that dude got a show where he talks about tech stuff.
some time ago he made that video where he reproduced the positions of an right-wing goverment that decleard antifa to be terrorism. the video was rather clickbait, as he didn't had much informations to contribute, due to missing any done research on the topic.

@paulfree14 @steven @gabriele
"Antifa are the real fascists" I cry as I attack marginalized groups for daring to stand up to their oppressors.

Seriously, these fucking assholes...

1. You wrote an article where you described antifascists as terrorists

2. Are you saying you no longer work for Purism? Because their main selling point for Librem Social is that violent extremists are allowed to do whatever they want

3. I don't care about the feelings of people who dedicate their life's work to defending violent extremism
@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

1) No, I definitely did not. I *did* make video where I talk about a *specific* group and how their official status within the US government could impact donations coming into supporting organizations. That's a BIG difference.

2) That is *definitely* not true. Please find *anywhere* where we state that. That's pretty over the top.

3) You don't have to care about my feelings. I still care about yours.

You now acknowledge saying that people opposed to fascism are terrorists, I'm glad you're able to admit this

However, with the other issue, Purism specifically hired Eugen to create a Mastodon fork to provide safe harbor for violent extremists.

How are you even trying to deny this? Purism deliberately designed Librem Social to be a safe space for Nazis to plan attacks, and there is a paper trail of all of this
@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

Huh? I acknowledged... what? HUH? I think you might be having an argument with someone else that is not me.


There *definitely* is not a paper trail proving that. Because it's clearly not true.

Read here:

and here:

So your company didn't hire Eugen to fork Mastodon? Fascists and alt-right are banned from Librem Social, and it's easy to report fascists so they can be banned?

Do you have any proof to back up your claims? Because they seem to be in direct conflict with the statements of the company you work for
@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@lunduke @steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism
Do you mean you disagree with the Trump Administration officials considering Antifa to be a domestic terrorist organization, or are you trying to ignore that ?

Your show is essential an opinion show and what you said was clearly perceived as this being your opinion. If you want to make it clear that is not your opinion you can do so quite simply.

@Niquarl @lunduke @steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism wow... Just... wow

Steven needs one of your best BSD virtual hugs Bryan

@niquarl @purism @paulfree14 @gabriele @steven @lunduke
The memo that classifies Antifa as a terrorist org is from 2016 when Obama appointees were still in charge.
@steven @purism @paulfree14 @gabriele @lunduke dont start this shit that antifa are just poeple who are against fascism . antfa uses and acts like fascists if there no better then what use are they. it will all end in the same way badly.
@lunduke @purism @paulfree14 @gabriele people are calling the mild mannered jewish man that talks about linux and free software all day an ALT RIGHT FASCIST? not surprised since if you support freedom you're OBVIOUSLY a literal facist :P

@lunduke @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism antifa literally protects my gay and trans friends at pride festivals from getting attacked by proudboys and patriot prayer, and given that you call antifa a "terrorist organization" i think it's safe to say that no matter what you call yourself it's definitively not good

@ThisIsLeeloo @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism That's just it. I didn't say that. You appear to be angry at me for something I didn't actually say.

@paulfree14 @ThisIsLeeloo @gabriele @purism How does that make me a liar? Government agencies called Antifa a terrorist organization. Not me. I reported on the potential problems relating to a corporation donating to another organization which provides support to Antifa. Specifically around what problems that could raise for the donating company. Are you just unhappy with the title wording?

@lunduke @paulfree14 @gabriele @purism Let's just try to parse out where you stand.

Several minutes ago you denied having called antifa a domestic terrorist organization, even though you did.
Now you excuse that as just using the government-prescribed language (even though you still used the words "domestic terrorist organization").

Do you support groups that protect LGBTQ people from being physically assaulted by actual terrorists like Proudboys, or are you opposed to them?

@lunduke @paulfree14 @gabriele @purism Denying that you did something makes you a liar. Just FYI.

That's how lying works.

@ThisIsLeeloo @purism @gabriele @paulfree14 @lunduke Antifa should be exiled to the Isle of Man Eating beasts to think about what they've done.

Lundukes anti-antifa show Show more

It is not just the wording. If this should have been a citation you should have wrote it as a citation.

"Antfia - an organisation classified by the US government as a terrorist organization".

"Antfia - a domesti terrorist organisation..." makes this your claim.

Please do not confuse wording and correct citation. I see that the main point of your article was not meant to support fascism, but with these kind of mistakes, it is hard to tell. @paulfree14 @ThisIsLeeloo @gabriele @purism

@yolo @lunduke @ThisIsLeeloo @gabriele @purism
> I see that the main point of your article was not meant to support fascism

The main point I could see is doing clickbait and aplealing to the right-wing.
Or in other words: pushing right-wing agenda for one owns capital interest.

@lunduke @purism @gabriele @thisisleeloo @paulfree14 "Government agencies called Antifa a terrorist organization. Not me." why should we support companies that openly support a terrorist organization?
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