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Shabbat shalom, my friends!

Feeling like going easy for the Friday night dinner. Thinking pizza. Then maybe a movie with the kids and fall asleep on the couch. Sounds gloriously lazy.

Anyone else have appropriately lazy plans for kicking off this most excellent weekend?

@lunduke Date night with the wife for the first time in almost a year 😊

Sounds nice, @lunduke . I'm taking the canoe down to the river. πŸ›Ά You and your family have a grat weekend, Bryan!

@lunduke I wish I had lazy plans. I would like learn about cpu architecture and instruction sets to see if that helps me write more efficient software. I hope you have a good weekend.

Sitting infront of a computer playing games, but in such a way that breaks my personal record of lowest productivity.

@lunduke We had pizza as well. Then for fun, While putting the cover back on my central air after replacing a capacitor, I put a screw through a hidden coil tube. I've put that same screw through that same hole for 14 years! Guess I'm central air shopping tomorrow. It's all good, it was 25 years old anyway.

@lunduke We actually had the same exact family night - pizza + The Secret Life of Pets => sleep. Can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night.

@misslav @lunduke
I'm staking out the apartment of a guy who beat the snot out of his wife so that I can call the police and get him thrown in jail.
We all have our own unique ways to relax.

Going down to the creek with the kids... Let them play in the water while I drink beer 😁

One question:
Did you all guys read this toot with Bryan's voice in your head ? πŸ˜—

'cause I definitely did. πŸ™ƒ

@lunduke quite simply, pizza, beer, diablo 3, Star Trek and kicking back :) Might write some code for funsies later IDK ;) shabbat shalom!

Actually the same plan! Pizza and watched Johnny English Strikes Again with my family.

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