My idea of a vacation is getting uninterrupted free time to work on projects I care about.

Tentatively planning on entering the game jam this year.

I'll use either or , depending on whether I can get Amethyst working.

This is making me want something like (tool with basic asset editors built in) that includes support for editing audio.

Learning how to make procedural audio with by reading the book "Designing Sound" by Andy Farnell. I've never managed to grok sound effects before, but this book seems to be really helping. Still have a ton to read through and I've already gotten plenty out of it.

Sway & wlroots has a dedicated budget for hardware, travel, etc. It's going to be empty after partially covering travel to XDC 2019 ( developers conference). If anyone is feeling generous and is able to help us refill it, please make a donation with the comment "for the sway/wlroots general budget":

Thank you ❤️

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After riding my bike home today I am convinced that everybody needs to find a bike path through nature and ride on it. Riding in a car feels sterile and frustrating compared to a bike.

So the ebook exists, you just won't let me buy it because it's 'not available' at this time.

And you wonder why I want to make 'continued availability with minimal burden' a condition of maintaining copyright. didn't even know that the Chinese wheelbarrow was a thing before reading this. Sounds really cool

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