Recently worked on I added traveling NPCs back into the game, this time following paths instead of making a beeline for their target. I would say its a minor change compared to what else has been going on, overall I'm very impressed by the the speed of development.

Here's the 3d printed result. It doesn't turn as well as I would have liked. I think it's mostly down to an issue with the print but there are a couple tweaks I could do to make that less likely

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Over the weekend I made my first model in . The design is of a contra-rotating gearbox, based off this video

It allows two propellers to rotate in opposite directions with one motor. This reduces the torqueing that occurs with just one.

I'm going to be using it for my to keep it small.

Just found out about the project/website!
I've done very little sewing but I had a blast the last time I tried it. Not sure when/if I'll get around to making use of free sewing but it looks very cool.

One thing I'm considering doing is starting a in my local area. There are some problems though:

1. I live in a university town. The university has a "makerspace", but I don't think it's open to the general public (and I refuse to put myself in debt for the opportunity).
2. I'm not rich (I have some money saved up but it won't support a makerspace for long)
3. I'm shy af and moved a lot, so I hardly know anybody where I live
4. It's still freaking COVID season

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I've spent the last couple of weeks listening to "Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective" by Kevin A. Carson. I'm mostly convinced of the philosophy of anarchy now, or at least left libertarianism (and mutualism in particular). Now I'm trying to figure out how to turn this from philosophy into action.

As for other areas, all I know is that nearly every action I see taken by a large corporation or by a government makes me increasingly frustrated. Freedoms are stripped away from common people and wealth is given to the wealthy. Corporations manipulate the masses and monitor their every move while the masses apathetically comply.

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I'm not sure that markets are the end-all be-all of organization, but we know from bloody experience that planned economies are unsuitable for distributing commodities

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Perhaps the most appealing aspect that I have read about is that revolution is not required for a mutualist society to evolve. From what I've read, revolution is bloody and almost always puts the people _least_ suitable to ruling in power.

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Earlier I suspected I might be socialist. However, the more I listened to "The Socialist Manifesto" the less I liked the idea of state socialism, which seems to be the primary vision of socialism that the term "socialism" describes. I think left libertarian (or mutualism as I've seen it called) is the philosophy I lean towards.

More progress on the quadruped! Now I'm mostly down to 3d printing parts.

That being said, I'm still wary of state capitalism. But I really dislike large corporations too, so I think I'm just not a fan of large organizations.

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I listened to a talk about what socialism is. Then I started listening to some podcasts about coops, and in particular Capitalism Hits Home, mostly because I saw they had some episodes on pornography and the sex industry. I wasn't really sold on that, but they brought the author of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism on and now I'm listening to her book. I'm starting to suspect I lean socialist.

Getting the printer has gotten me pumped up about robotics again. The first one I plan to put together is the quad mod with a raspberry pi. I'd like to get a SLAM algorithm working with just one camera. My longer term project is designing a functional Seamoth AUV. It's mostly for fun, but I think it would be cool to map lakebeds like that.

I've also been teaching myself CAD modelling with , which has some rough edges but seems to be generally useable

All of this is to say I'm probably going to make a language specifically for producing music so I can use a text editor more easily

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For transcription/composing I find I like using lilypond, but it has some rough edges with playback of generated midi (which I need b/c I can't sight read). I tried using FrescoBaldi but it won't show the generated PDF for some reason and I'm really used to doom Emacs editing at this point

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Currently I'm working on a synthesizer for embedding into games. My goals atm are 1. Play midi files and 2. Support NES style music (I have no idea how to use trackers or how I'd embed one)

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