More progress on my knitting clock. I've mounted all of the main components to the backer board. I also wired two buttons to GPIO pins and wrote a simple script to advance the machine forward and backwards one stitch with the buttons. I'll likely use this when I'm casting on and casting off.

The top of the clock will be where the stepper motor is. Now that I know how the pieces fit, I will cut the top so it is house-shaped, and build the sides and front of the clock.

Now that the knitting machine is mounted on the board, you can really see how much space it would take up on the wall. We thought it over and decided to replace the large 48-hook version with the smaller 22-hook version.

Fortunately everything I did to the machine is reversible, and I still have the box and all the accessories. I know someone who I think will really like this one as a gift so it won't go to waste.

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@wobin It has 48 hooks, and will do a stitch every half hour, one round every day. The current plan is to knit a 365-round scarf for 2023. I will "cheat" and catch it up to the current day (whenever that is) when I get it done, and then have it take things from there.

I plan on marking significant days in the year with a colored thread. For instance, if I get this done by Valentine's Day, I will mark that with a red thread.

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