USB-C is annoying. I thought my laptop dock was failing--the screen blanked out whenever it moved on the hinge and it kept getting worse. I initially blamed a weak wire between the screen and base but on a whim replaced the USB-C cable with a new, higher quality version and all the instability went away instantly.

@kyle my experince with USB-C, in general, has been disappointing. USB-C docks have almost always been buggy in one way or another, usually with dispays. I prefer dedicated ports. Yes, it's a few more cables to handle, but it's more reliable and consistent.

@kyle sounds like the issue isnt exclusive to usb-c, shitty cables exist for everything

@kyle There are definitely some really crappy USB-C cables out there. I had someone who bought one thinking that they could use it with their Thunderbolt dock but it didn't work so that's another thing to look out for.

@terryenglish Yeah the wide range of supported standards on USB-C without any visual difference (maybe apart from cable thickness), and the challenge with being able to tell which cables support which standards makes it a bigger problem than I ever had with USB-A.

@kyle its a flaw in the actual spec of the connector itself which is super flimsy, i cam deform and permanently bend a connector plug by just squeezing it between my thumb nails, the USB standards body should have gone with a design akin to the lightning connector which is a tank compared to USB-C and basically supports all the same transfer rates

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