Apparently the future of clothing is "smart fabric": shirts that act like computer displays, microphones stitched into single strands of fabric, clothing full of sensors and semiconductors. All I can think of is how this will be abused.

While I'm sure this clothing will be more expensive (to start) than non-smart alternatives, I wonder who will be the first to follow the "smart TV" route and subsidize the cost by selling your data.

Given that classic story of Target knowing a teen was pregnant before her father did, which Big Tech companies would you trust with smart underpants that could track a woman's cycle?

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@kyle good thing I know how to make my own yarn and knit my own fabric I guess.

@kyle given track record of all smart things, there is only one way to approach smart anything, making it local(only on the network you own) or offline, but then they loose their hyper profitable business and will quickly lose interest in doing anything with it.

@kyle you get advertisements on your shirt that you got for free. I am sure this'll lead to some disturbing, funny, and really problematic situations

@nocturnalfilth This is one reason why I resisted the (well-meaning) idea of people donating branded conference swag t-shirts to the homeless--it could easily become an exploitative situation with homeless folks turning into walking billboards.

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