I just wish I could write a damned build procedure in a damned programming language. I wish people shared their damned build procedures written in a damned programming language.

I am so tired of guessing what some RORA[*] artist mean by some weird variable name in some arcane hieroglyphic gestural psuedo-language, and then being able to test it by -- you guessed it -- running it 300 times in prod and searching stack overflow for some matching line in a stack dump.

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Juneteenth (June 19th) is not a "holiday celebrating when news of the end of slavery finally reached Texas." No. Just no. Y'all make it sound like network latency! Like we were playing Fortnite, and all the Black players were lagging.🤡

Juneteenth is when the racist state of Texas took another very public L. Texas did everything it could to keep slavery going as long as possible. They gave up land to Oklahoma, so they could be below the slavery line. The Alamo was a victory for abolitionists.

punk rock levels are currently at 70% but fluctuating wildly

(70%) ■■■■■■■□□□

Today, we officially released Briar Mailbox to improve connectivity between peers: briarproject.org/news/2023-bri

The choice of functional reactive models (vs, you know, software) is not even a major plot point in this drama.

To the extent the world cares about why it's so expensive to make websites/apps and feel backed into FB/Meta/Google answers for how to do it reasonably is related to, uh, "pure fuctions"?...is a footnote, and not the entertaining kind.

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Forty years before Ted Kaczynski wrote his manifesto, Ellul more fully explored the same ideas.

The reasons Kaczynski has staying power, particularly in anarchist movements, aren't flattering: spectacle, violence, and his text is much shorter.

@wendynather Didn't he do some of the telescope control in FORTH?
The Mel story reminds me of when one of my CS professors talked with reverence about how Alan Turing wrote self-modifying assembly language and I thought, "isn't that how it's done when your processor sucks?" I had been writing self-modifying code for the Apple II for 5 years at that point.

President Biden cites facts that white supremacy terror is America’s greatest domestic security threat—and MAGAs lose their minds.

Here’s the thing.

I’m Muslim. I don’t feel attacked when people condemn the Taliban because Taliban do not represent Muslims and I proudly take the lead in condemning Taliban terrorism.

If you’re MAGA white and feel personally attacked when Biden condemns white supremacy terror—you are absolutely telling on yourself.

TFW the criticisms of your work come from those unwilling, or incapable, or performing the work themselves.

Happy Misanthropic Monday

@renice I fee like all the web3 folks should really fucking answer for their crimes.

I'm like...pressed on my desire for restorative justice here.

It really burns me that people are hyping and using ChatGPT and the like not understanding that "hallucinations" are not bugs, but that they only work by hallucinating: They are a model of 'what should the next word be to make something that "looks correct"' rather than "is correct", and no amount of patching is going to cause a hallucination machine to switch from "looks" to "is".

And those BEHIND the tools either know or should know this, but simply chose to ignore it.

“A man will beg,
A man will crawl,
On the sheer face of love,
Like a fly on a wall.
It’s no secret at all.”
— U2, The Fly

And this was bubbling around inside me this week, and the gas hadda go somewhere, and then I had a big brain-fart:

I don't have to simplify by using the JDK and straight JUnit and code that throws exceptions.

FFFS, I'm a professional programmer.

Code up an environment -- still java -- where all of that nasty detail-oriented irrelevant crap is wrapped and controlled in simple straightforward API.

Make a library, ya idjit!


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Aight, I wrote a long meandering thread the other day, got halfway through it, then crapped out, promising to pick it up later.

On re-examining that original, it's a little too scattershot and free-associative to try to rescue, so I'm actually gonna start over here, and go simpler and faster and straighter.

"(W)hat we are witnessing is the wealthiest companies in history (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon …) unilaterally seizing the sum total of human knowledge that exists in digital, scrapable form and walling it off inside proprietary products, many of which will take direct aim at the humans whose lifetime of labor trained the machines without giving permission or consent."


“Body language is an important part of communication” is a popular belief people hold. They’ll use it to justify in-person work and “cameras on.”

This belief, like many others about “professionalism,” ignores whole groups of people, including neurodivergent folks.

I wish folks who fight for Creative Commons/against copyright maximalism fight as hard for the wages of artists here and now, whether against streaming payouts for musicians or for-profit generators taking the output of writers and illustrators and using it to replace them. Not in the "oh, if only you'd listened to us and replaced the entire economic system in a way which would totally have fixed this, 100% guaranteed we promise", but in the practical here and now.

Folks who don't do this don't really come off like they're in favor of artists, just that they like free shit.

I wouldn’t have guessed that DMs would be the catalyst for refugees to lose faith in .

To be fair, I did expect the unfriendliness of pre-existing communities to be the actual reason, and I’m not wrong on the meta observation.

A large chunk of the intersection of Black + queer + tech communities from Twitter have already given up on the Fediverse, due to the entrenched baditudes here.

Every time I see reports of Russia designing their own fundamental tech I think of how US agencies have to be licking their chops. They'll have far fewer legal restrictions about what they can hit; their targets will have so many fresh vulnerabilities and there will be no obligation to disclose.

is the Howard Hughes of our age. In 50 years, Musk will be as relevant to young adults as Hughes is today.

In other words, irrelevant, except as a cautionary tale about power gone mad.

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