I can't overstate how influential Penny's computer book was on my ideals for computers: portable, always with you, flexible, extensible, easy to reconfigure/reprogram. It's why my first laptop was a Libretto and why my next personal computer will be a Librem 5 w/ a laptop dock.

@kyle getting even closer to having her video watch, too. Brain's collar phone had great video quality despite its retractability and discrete usage.

@kyle I don't recall if it was my first, but at least one of my early laptops was a Libretto - I bet it does have something to do with my love for tiny computers!

@kyle Oh man, the Libretto was so cool! Unfortunately I was just a poor kid back when those were around. All I could afford back then, were copies of that huge Computer Shopper magazine... where I could read about and admire things such as the Libretto.

I guess that's one great thing about being an adult, you can generally afford to get the things you want... well within reason that is.

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