"Documents released also show that Google’s privacy policy was crafted in a way to allow applications that had location tracking turned off from using the location tracking information from another Google application that had location tracking on" azmirror.com/2020/08/24/unseal

In essence, Google's privacy policy allowed Google app A to grab location data from Google app B, even if you disabled location services from A but not B.

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It reminds me of standard NSA denials on spying in a particular way "in this program" because they use a different program to do that.

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@kyle I don't believe you...

Joking obviously

Google is 💩

@kyle figured it long ago on my own experience in Ingress game which is able to pick the location unless you really turn it off and spoof location. Stopped using it afterwards.

@kyle azmirror.com shows me “This site not available in your country”. 🤦

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