The article touches on some concerns, but much depends on this being voluntary. My concern is it will be false choice like many TSA rules: ie. you can "choose" to use the app and resume work/public life or "choose" to stay at home.

For the sake of our phones (and clothing) I hope the COVID-19 5G truthers setting fire to antennas in the UK never discover these apps use radio waves to track the infection.

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@kyle you really link Washington post owned by amazon? =)

@af They wrote the story and tend to exercise independence and high journalism standards, which matters far more to me than ownership.

@af The top result you are pointing to ( article I assume) is an editorial, not a news story, that is coming from a partisan "fake news" point of view. I'm not seeing any hard news bombshells here and don't approach news from a partisan angle myself. Instead I simply look at how a news outlet handles reporting and research and how they handle retractions when they make a mistake, etc. It's irrelevant to me whether stories are favorable to any particular political party.

@kyle Too bad I don't have my Librem 5 yet... It seems like the concept is more relevant than ever.

@leimon I have to say, knowing I can go outside and disable Bluetooth and wifi with a kill switch is pretty comforting. Not to mention having full control of the software on my phone.

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