Since I'm running real Linux on my phone, I'm having thoughts like: should I host NextCloud from it? Maybe a Tor hidden service? OnionShare? My phone *is* always on after all, hosting personal services (optionally w/ a front-end cache on my regular server) might make sense...

@kyle I'm wondering how will that affect battery life?

@GH0S1 I imagine it will depend on traffic. Front-end cache/proxy could help there

@kyle seems you like your new phone. Thanks for sharing your first impressions.
Why would you want to host nextcloud on it? Also, considering the additional power consumption.

@don There's some "because I can" involved, but also I like the idea of hosting personal services on my personal computer since it's always on and online. With a stable front-end server acting as a cache, it could be a pretty powerful combination for private services fully under your control.

@kyle @don That is a very interesting idea. I could understand wanting your phone to be a nextcloud node, but I'm not sure it is a good idea to keep all of your data on your phone, no matter how secure. SSH is in the bag. But I'm really interesting in seeing some VNC capabilities. Those two make one computing device possible for me.

@kyle that sounds like it destroy your batterylife, especially considering you got one with a smaller battery

@blacklight447 It'll all depend on how much the services wake up and how many resources they use when idle, I suppose. This is also where front-end caches on another server come in.

@kyle the tor project is apparently working on making their "dormant mode" also work for hidden services, which could significantly improve battery life, so that might be something worth keeping an eye on

@blacklight447 I also like the idea of automatically spawning opportunistic services based on state (on home wifi, on untrusted wifi, etc.)

@kyle what should examples should i think off regarding this?

@blacklight447 Just off the top of my head: perhaps at home you'd spawn a file share to more easily sync files on the fast local network. Perhaps on untrusted wifi you disable any exposed services, and route everything through Tor automatically. Maybe at conferences you host a "where am I right now?" service w/ your friends.

@kyle ah, sounds pretty neat. Theres an android app that functions a little bit like this but it uses gps, when you move away from your home or work location, it turns off your wifi so other access points won't see you.

@kyle Exciting. Reminds me of my joy seeding torrents and hosting an Apache server all the way back on my Nokia e61. Did similar with N900 and OpenMoko. Somehow that became less possible over the years..

@johns Exactly. It reminds me so much of how I felt with my own N900, with the additional excitement of convergence down the road that might mean I can ditch my travel laptop and just have this and maybe a simple laptop dock.

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