@ajmartinez Have you used just a single HDMI monitor connected to the L14 HDMI port on PureOS and seen if Joined Displays works? I seem to be having trouble after the recent EC upgrade and I"m wondering if its just me lol

Anyone have any advice on a decent from Amazon?

I don't understand how any that is involved in is even allowed to not be by anyone involved. How are the politicians that didn't help pay for it not worried about that situation?

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America can use more competitive fiber to the home providers and less over priced and slower cable monopolies. twitter.com/dane/status/114465

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Raspberry Pi 4 is on sale now, starting at $35. This version also comes with different memory options (1GB for $35, 2GB for $45 or 4GB for $55).


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RT @NUSLclic: Attorney @Lynch_Jen, Surveillance Litigation Director @eff, comes to @NUSL #AboutFace: The Changing Landscape of Facial Recog…

I was slightly confused at @purism 's libre social empty timeline/feed but compared to last time I was on this network find it quite refreshing to not be bombard with other people's "junk" immediately. Well done :)

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