@Wildbill I can’t seem to follow you or a few others. I click the follow icon and the icon immediately changes back. Argh. I wonder if it’s a thing.

@katherined has been buried since the Great Musk Tweetout. My own feed didn’t work for a large chunk of yesterday.

@katherined maybe I should flip to my Librem account for this, I dunno? May just wait a day or two and let it shake out.

@katherined @Wildbill Can it be that an approval step is added in wildbill settings? And that the icon actually changes, but to a sand glass. I have come across a sand glass in a few cases, which I think is an approval process.

@Wildbill @katherined You are right, you have not. I tested now and I can successfully follow you.

@hehemrin @Wildbill I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can’t follow the last three people who followed me, and two of them are on

@hehemrin @Wildbill I take it back. I think it worked this time. The catch is that now I am on the desktop site, and before I was on a mobile app. But the app is basically just the mobile site, so I'm still a bit confused. But, it works now, so good enough!

@katherined @hehemrin I think got overwhelmed with a flood of new users. is a place I have another mastodon account and it’s been off the air for two days while their admin beefs up the infra.

@katherined @hehemrin Me too. I think this has potential, if it can get critical mass...

@Wildbill @katherined @hehemrin I agree, network effect is the only thing holding it back and while I could be wrong, this time feels different from past exoduses. It could get past the tipping point.

@katherined @kyle @hehemrin He was REALLY on a rant during the writing of that one. I wish I had the raw logs still. (I probably do... somewhere...)

@Wildbill @katherined @hehemrin IIRC we just did it over IRC (ironic considering the subject of the article) so I probably have logs.

Also don't forget my follow-up article the next month (also 13 years old!) where I start using Twitter once I found an IRC gateway:

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