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Virtual #FOSDEM is this week, and FSF executive director John Sullivan will be appearing on a panel on 2/6 to discuss free software license compliance and users -- check out the details at and watch the panel online!

"Some people are like blisters. They show up when the work is done."

The GNU Press Shop has re-stocked our zip-up Free Software, Free Society hoodie -- if your size was missing, it's almost certainly back now:

Thrilled that our paper (w A. Pietri & T. Allançon) «The Software Heritage Filesystem (SwhFS): Integrating Source Code Archival with Development» has been accepted to #ICSE with great reviews. It presents a #FUSE layer on top of #SoftwareHeritage. Preprint in the working! #ICSE2021

Guix has made it into Debian Unstable! This means Debian users can use Guix as a "userspace" package manager now!

This is really wonderful! Debian and Guix both care deeply about reproducibility.

This could be a big win for user freedom on both (cotd ...)

Nothing like USPS returning a donation from your own family member to your own org in your own org's preprinted envelope as undeliverable. If this happens to you, either re-send, or make the contribution online. We are receiving mail.

seems like a good day to reconsider that whole lifelong going by the middle name thing

Definition of meritocracy is not: system in which you loudly evaluate other people's job qualifications from a distant position with zero knowledge other than their name
and gender.

My December break project was to finally sit down and work on the Libre Arts website for my friend @prokoudine.

We soft-launched on Jan 1 and he's now ready to announce the site is open and ready for all! Come check out the amazing work he's doing reporting and covering the world of Free/Libre Arts!

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #LibreArts #news

Waymo dropping the term "self-driving": I think the clearest name is "software driven". "Self-driving", "autonomous", etc, elide
what's actually driving them. They are neither toasters nor magic.

Glad to see that the up-to-$300 US tax deduction for charitable contributions is still offered for 2021: An FSF membership is a great way to take advantage of that. :)

Y'all came through for me at 200, who can be new member #400? In finalizing our biggest 2021 projects, we need to know if we have the support to expand our licensing/legal team, deploy a new public free software forge, and get free software into schools (for example).

There are only two days left to submit your suggestions to the High Priority Projects committee, our working group that pinpoints areas where free software is most crucially needed. Don't wait; write in today!

It's National Science Fiction Day. Why not read some Doctorow?

Everyone is busy preparing for 2021 so I'll make it short: a big THANK YOU 🙏 to everyone who cares enough to support my work on #emacs #orgmode, either on or on

Happy new #freesoftware year! 🎉

For everyone who donated using snail mail this season: Thank you for your generosity, and for your patience! The USPS has had several issues this year, and we too are experiencing delays and non-deliveries because of it.

Today in digital archaeology: I wanted a PDF calendar generator and found one from 2009 that seemed nice, but the website had long ago disappeared. Luckily the internet archive had crawled it, and since the code was GPL'ed, I was able to update it to build on a modern system and produce page-a-day agendas for my e-ink tablet.

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