How better to attract the tech job candidates you want than to advertise in your HTML source? Love it.

@spot I feel like there could be a working system inspired by the turn two keys to start WW3 model.

@mairin and also I think there may be a need for enforced separation between the entity running the platform and the entity(ies) doing moderation.

@mairin Yeah I mean strictly looking at the private citizen to private citizen stuff on Twitter, it's not a free speech issue to me -- you're writing on someone else's computer -- like the newspaper, you can go start your own site. *But* because there are high profile public official presences on Twitter, I think there may be free speech issues there. It really is similar to your shopping mall example, and the cases about protests at the military recruiting offices that are inside malls.

@mairin I agree, but I think it got complicated when Twitter became a primary way citizens receive information from and convey free speech political opinions to their government representatives, without the government first securing the kinds of public interest rules that have long existed (imperfectly, but existed) for other forms of private media carrying public messages. So now we have a weird hybrid public/private thing that is very bad.

For all the #emacs and #orgmode fans: @sachac found her way to the Fediverse 🤓👍

After 18 years with the Free Software Foundation, I've decided to resign my position as executive director, effective at the end of a transition period. We'll be sharing further details, including information about that transition, and a few more words, in the coming days. It's been a humbling honor to serve this institution, and to work alongside the FSF's staff, members, and volunteers over the years. The current staff deserve your full confidence and support -- they certainly have mine.

We're pleased to announce Guardian Project founder and director Nathan Freitas will be joining us as a keynote speaker for #LibrePlanet 2021: Empowering Users! Nathan's work to bring anonymity to millions online is truly inspiring.

This year, your contributions to Tor's Bug Smash Fund have allowed us to work on CI tooling, Tor Browser improvements, defenses against DDoS, GetTor, Arti, security fixes, & Details on the 97 tickets closed with the Bug Smash Fund:

The Free Software conference LibrePlanet is coming up next month (March 20 and 21), hosted by @fsf. I have a warm place in my heart for this conference because I first went on a lark expecting essentially a techbro open-source conference and found instead a community of people concerned with the role of software in society. Unfortunately with an online conference we won't see so much of the community beyond the speakers, but still...

As if I didn't miss FOSDEM enough, when I opened OsmAnd today, it started me at my hotel from Brussels in 2020.

Learning vim every now and then. Is the equivalent to Emacs's M-q really gqip?

Virtual #FOSDEM is this week, and FSF executive director John Sullivan will be appearing on a panel on 2/6 to discuss free software license compliance and users -- check out the details at and watch the panel online!

"Some people are like blisters. They show up when the work is done."

The GNU Press Shop has re-stocked our zip-up Free Software, Free Society hoodie -- if your size was missing, it's almost certainly back now:

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