@fdroidorg honoured and proud to be part of #FDroid board. Such a great community working for #SoftwareFreedom in the mobile phone area.

@pikurasa I finished, and went right to get A Closed and Common Orbit. Feels right to be reading fiction that's a lot about AI right now..

I guess at the back of my mind, I always assumed that the Leatherman brand name was chosen for a kind of old-timey association with hard-wearing workwear: things like boots, work gloves, heavy aprons, tool belts, a holster for the tool itself. Nope. The multitool is named after its creator, Tim Leatherman. I had to go fact check it, because if someone told you, "This knife is named after Tim Leatherman", wouldn't you be suspicious?

@xor actually refusing to fill it out at all unless they admit that I am and will always be their only customer

Ticketmaster sends out customer service surveys..

Colorado wheelchair law forces company to give customers access to previously internal app used to configure wheelchair speeds etc. Still proprietary, but a step..


@mlinksva Interesting. I'm pretty regularly confused/uncertain, probably the worst at places where I can't tell if they have no vegan options, or the "v" means vegan and they don't have the vegetarian options marked at all. Like when desserts that seem to be vegetarian are not marked with anything, and other menu items have a "v".

Does anyone know if the main ink manufacturers publish the size of the glitter they use in their shimmer inks? I'm guessing it's gotta be in the 0.1 mm range or less, but unsure how or where to verify.

#FountainPen #ink

We really need to standardize menu abbreviations for vegetarian and vegan. I appreciate any effort at all, but "v", "vg", "V" -- none of these are helpful. Neither are pictures of carrots. Or leaves.

Alright, I officially invite anyone reading this to join me, starting April 1st, on a #30DayFOSSChallenge to reduce their reliance on proprietary software.

I have a page about the challenge here: nullarch.com/30DayFOSSChalleng

I will also be putting up a weekly blog about my own experience with the challenge. My first one is already up, explaining where I'm starting from and what I expect on the road ahead: blog.nullarch.com/index.php/20

If you're joining me, let me know!

#FOSS #opensource #linux #FLOSS

archive.org/details/SeaGL2022- A video recording of my @SeaGL closing keynote from 2022 is up

25 minutes of standup #comedy/#jokes on

the "look but don't touch" license
empowerment and exhaustion
#opensource maintainers' spidey sense for complex, headache-inducing systems
my family's bug reports
what it's like, making performance art about this life we live
& more

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US Congress is like "We're gonna ban a website to prove that we're not like China".

NASA is currently looking for a project scientist for the Transform to Open Science Project Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Come join our team and advocate for Open Science in Space and Earth Sciences!


#NASA #OpenScience #TOPS

If you have been suffering from mysterious crashes in apps on the #PinePhone, sometimes with *Apps fail with 'DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Cannot allocate memory* in the logs, cheer up.

Despite the Debian freeze, an updated mesa library made it into bookworm that fixes the crash.

I drove away from the trailhead leaving my backpack containing wallet and almost full notebook sitting on the ground. Didn't realize it till I got home.

Many, many thanks to the kind soul that found it and hung it up on a fencepost for me to find upon going back, everything still there.

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