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Here to my new instance:

With a lovely Glitch-soc mastodon fork with the kind help of @yunohost

#tilvids video of the day - The new gesture-based navigation of Phosh 0.20 📱

(video courtesy of Follow for more great FOSS content!)

#opensource #linux

Recently tried #phosh 0.20.0~beta1-1 from #debian experimental on my #mobian #pinephone, and it has several improvements.

I can now turn on/off wifi from the pin entry lockscreen, see more detailed battery info, and various other widgets.

The biggest improvement is that I no longer accidentally trigger the app-switcher when trying to enable/disable the keyboard, as the app switcher bar is now a swipe-up gesture instead of a tap. Yay!

Nice little improvements, thanks #phosh developers!

Ok, so I didn't write it right away, but a week ago I moved and live in a quiet flat now, and that's how I had the energy to implement that curved grid. So things are slowly being resolved,

@shiftphones, a German phone company producing ethically sourced smartphones with a focus on repairability is now on Mastodon! They shipped #postmarketOS some phones to help develop mainline Linux support and get our system running well on it and so they are awesome in my book 😉

Go say hi and welcome them to the fediverse!

Another month, another bill; if you find #NixNet's services useful, please consider helping me out with hosting costs :blobfoxheart:

After seeing these :

Which basically downloads a DEB package, extracts the binaries and moves them to the correct places under /usr

I wonder: How many AUR packages do the same, and just get the deb package to install it in ?

we've finally managed to publish a bunch of the Ansible roles that we've written and relied on for years 🎉 Here's a post with all the deets happy infra hacking!

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