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I helped a few people make the great this past week.

I wrote a short post summarizing the steps and answering the most common questions and concerns. It might be helpful to more people than I can schedule video chats with.

We had advertising-supported media for generations - centuries - without mass surveillance. The problem with advertising isn't incentives - it's impunity.


Cryteria (modified)

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Ok #fediverse gays: I’d like to connect my instance to a relay or two. My understanding is that the nice and safe ones are private. Who runs a nice queer-friendly nazi-free relay and would be happy to have my instance connect? Boosts appreciated :)

The internet wasn't intended to be 3 websites with enough power to turn us into doomscrolling zombies, sway public policy and lead to the collapse of democracy.

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Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners

it is fascinating to watch Wardley's #pioneers #settlers #townPlanners constrcut playing out in the #mastodon world right now.

#twitter #migration

Mozilla is hiring. HMU if you want your #1 priority to be making the internet better for people instead of generating return for investors


Layoffs This Month (% of Workers):

1. Twitter: 50%

2. Cameo: 25%

3. Robinhood: 23%

4. Intel: 20%

5. Snapchat: 20%

6. Coinbase: 18%

7. Opendoor: 18%

8. Stripe: 14%

9. Lyft: 13%

10. Shopify: 10%

11. Meta: “Thousands”

12. Apple: Hiring Freeze

13. Amazon: Hiring Freeze


The constant is us: the communities we nurture, the culture we create. The space we cherish is just a vessel for those. It hasn't always been an easy ride, but I'm delighted that this place has been one of those cherished spaces, and proud of the role I played. ❤️🪺

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Seeing Mastodon and the fediverse succeed today is deeply gratifying and hopeful for me. It's imperfect and early, but watching thousands of people birth communities that they can nurture and shape and watch grow and evolve, after so many years hoping and dreaming of this ...

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A friend made me aware disabled and neurodiverse people specifically need help rebuilding their communities in the fediverse.

I am willing to help and to raise awareness. Most fediverse server software is open source. Tell me what does not work well and I will do my best to fix.

Is there a fediverse server specifically addressing the needs of people with disabilities?

Asking for a friend. We need to help communities found on Twitter migrate to a home in the fediverse.

At this point, the people who haven’t joined the fediverse are:

1. People with a large following on Twitter desperately hoping to stay relevant.

2. People who need technical help understanding federated social media.

3. People aligned with the libertarian hellscape Elon wants.

If you enjoy #mastodon you should know you can do the same with your chats. You don't need Google or Facebook.
Check @matrix for the details on federated chat!

RT @simongerman600
Another US election, another "Land doesn't vote, people do" style map showing the election results.

I finished “In Every Mirror She’s Black” a few weeks ago and keep thinking about it.

Lolá Ákínmádé insightfully portrayed the dualities and nuance of Swedish society in how it treats Black women and immigrants with poetic, page-turning fiction.

I highly recommend the audiobook.

Friends, I'm begging you to wear masks, get vaccinated, and stay at home as much as possible. Do what you can to avoid COVID.

You do not want to become chronically ill; trust me on this.

Note: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR JOURNALISTS / MEDIA to follow here on Mastodon, @tchambers is maintaining a spreadsheet of journalists who have shared their info:

Currently over 770.

It's a good list of people!

How do you make a pirate angry? 

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