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I wonder if they continued their thinking to consider how their home countries treat visitors and immigrants upon arrival.

The wait time was ~20 minutes and Sverige passport control is far less intimidating that entering the UK or US as a non-citizen.

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Today at ARN passport control, a UK passport holder complained to US Americans about the long wait and “Sweden is not friendly.”

The Americans responded how faster it is when they return to the US.

They didn’t like being treated as the non-citizens they were in this situation.

Tired: Texas secession
Wired: Subdividing California into 67 new states with the population of Wyoming, each with 2 senators

I need my anxiety to go on vacation when the rest of me is on vacation.

The best way to align incentives for software companies - that is, to bring "most functional, useful software" in line with "most profitable software" - is to require that most classes of software have robust data portability guarantees, both in and out, before asking for money.

Only when most software is built in such a way that users can simply, easily, and quickly move between comparable solutions will software companies be forced to optimize for utility to the user, rather than lock-in or network effects.

My husband strongly prefers I do not wear a Republic of Gilead t-shirt at July 4th events in Texas.

Going on much needed vacation. Visiting family in Texas. I keep coming up with things I should do with the free time and keep reminding myself I need to relax and not do a damn thing.

As a gay atheist, I am sad about the loss of freedom from religion in the US.

The population trends are still clear: the Republican hold on the south will fall within a decade. It’s just going to be a shitty decade.

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I remember hearing this "song" by Christian music artist Carmen.

The lyrics are wild, but summarize the loss of the US Christian theocracy (and now its return).



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I spent my childhood in the Bible Belt.

Christian adults were obsessed with:
• prayer in school
• making abortion illegal
• putting god back in America

The "silent majority", as they referred to themselves, has won. I never thought they would.

The US needs national movement to , even though it is not yet popular in enough states.

Beat the drum.
Simple message.
Loud and louder.

Bank mobile apps:
I will keep you signed in forever, even if you cloud restore to a new device, as long as you show me your pretty face, darling.

Bank Web apps:
You glanced away from the screen for 5 seconds. Sign in again, criminal. Have we even ever met??

Watched the documentary “Pray Away” tonight. It’s about the Christian ex-gay movement, which continues to thrive. Growing up in the Bible Belt, fear of being put into conversion therapy kept me in the closet. That fear and closet might have saved my life.

Is there a book or video course on business writing for software engineers you would recommend?

I've spent many hours teaching writing and pair-editing with software engineers. I would like something to help accelerate that learning.

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