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I did not realize this inevitability until having time and distance to reflect. So much opportunity, brand equity, and talent wasted by well-intentioned, but unskilled executive leadership. InVision was so close to greatness and just hurts to think about what could have been.

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I left InVision 3 weeks ago.

I learned how to collaborate asynchronously.

I worked with incredible people.

But all I can think about now are the lessons from how a scale-up raised $350M, achieved $100M ARR, and failed. (Failed meaning no path to successful exit in this case.)

Decriminalize sex work.

But also destigmatize it.

part 3: Facebook protects borderline hate speech more than the recipients of the hate.

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“data” but pronounced like “ta-da!” ✨

A year ago, I started a personal campaign to . I explained my reasoning hoping others might join me.

I will share a Facebook-free year retrospective in September.

what do you do when cryptobro libertarianism tries to quantify human connection in an online community

The ideal monitor for my laptop would be the iMac without the Mac part, but Apple does not sell that.

No one else seems to sell that either—display, built-in webcam, speakers, a few USB ports, and a single Thunderbolt cable providing connectivity and power to my laptop.


“Tomorrow is a brand new day that’s never been touched.” —Modern Love S1E1

Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States—including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. —CDC

What’s the tapping technique for when you’re anxious in an airport, wearing a mask, and can’t touch your face?

It’s ok to have favorites, but keep tasting new things.

Nothing makes me more afraid of children than when they sneeze around me.

Hi, I’m Jeremiah. I was a parentified child and I have illness anxiety.

2021-07-30 /now page update

👋 I left InVision
💉 I got vaccinated
🎆 I celebrated July 4th with a sibling and nibling reunion
😎 Summer in Stockholm is 💯

I am visiting Split, Hrvatska [Croatia] next week. What should I do? 🇭🇷

I question if we should allow space tourism at all at this point in history.

At a minimum we should demand that the CO2e emissions are captured before each trip.

Those companies should be net zero and not by planting trees, by direct air capture using technology.

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