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I will never understand the enterprise sales approach of feigned outrage from sales people when I do not respond to their third unsolicited email pitching me something I have no interest in.

“Stowaway” would have been an amazing movie had I not seen the exact same plot in 3 other “mission to Mars” movies/tv shows.

There are a million ways to die in space, but Hollywood can only think of a vessel with a single point of failure in oxygen generation.

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My tax plans are simple: I want ultra-millionaires to pay their fair share. I want to close the tax loopholes that only work for those who can hire armies of lawyers, lobbyists and accountants. And I want the IRS to go after wealthy tax cheats.

an Adele album, but about work relationships

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"We are of course willing to responsibly disclose the specific vulnerabilities we know about to Cellebrite if they do the same for all the vulnerabilities they use in their physical extraction… now and in the future." 🔥🔥

No verdict can bring a man back from the dead.

May all those be judged so and punished accordingly.

I woke up thinking it was Monday and longing for another day off. I thought my phone was wrong when I opened my work calendar. Then, delight.

I mostly use search to launch apps on my phone instead of hunting for the icon or scouring folders.

I swear 1 in 5 iOS searches do not include the exact match of the app name in the results.

“Get the vaccine available to you, not the one you want,” feels like the same sort of “fool the sheep to protect the flock” recommendation give at the start of the pandemic of “you don’t need masks” in order to protect the supply of masks to frontline workers.

EU companies are in for a shock as the best software engineers leave to work for US-based companies offering much higher salaries and remote work.

Microsoft announced a new laptop in 2021 that still uses a proprietary port for charging, still does not have Thunderbolt port, and uses a CPU a generation behind.

Just tweeting in case you were wondering if the company was still disconnected from reality.

People who keep typing EST after DST starts


SolarWinds sponsored a post in my LinkedIn newsfeed about its rebranding as “N-able”.

I commented that I hope the were becoming less “hack-able”.

Their brand manager got defensive and really wishes everyone would forget how their ineptitude put US national security at risk.

I just learned “gay Siri” is close enough to trigger “hey Siri” effectively and will use it from now on.

In high school, my Español class watched an educational telenovela called “Destinos”. We never finished the series and I randomly thought about it today.

Thankfully, Wikipedia has a synopsis of the plot so I do not have to watch all 52 episodes.

I have not once wished I lived back in the US in the 4 years since leaving.

But seeing so many of my American friends my age now getting their first vaccine shots sure is making me jealous.

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