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If I’m building a Web app and all user data stays local (IndexedDB), how do I ensure durability for the user?

eg they don’t lose work when they clear their cookies etc

Is there an easy way for a Web app to write to the cloud storage of user’s choice—Dropbox, iCloud, GDrive?

Recorded the first 4 interviews today. Thrilled! So far, 19 interviews are scheduled.

I think I might need a story editor to help with this. Also thinking of changing the format to a 3–5 part podcast miniseries instead of a single hour piece.

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I just started investing in solar projects with Trine. It’s like Kiva, but with interest and only clean energy businesses.

Just ruined my vegan eggnog because I didn't realize the dates were not depitted. 😞

The first interviews are scheduled! I got an overwhelming response from the Fitbit alumni group on LinkedIn. Now, I just hope I do this story justice.

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Had to go to the grocery store today since all the delivery services were booked.

People, per usual in Stockholm, were not respecting distancing at all in the stores, but many more people were wearing masks, including employees!

Huge change seemingly overnight in Sverige.

All I want for Christmas is to .

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

It is easier for a camel to enter a needle’s eye than a rich man into the kingdom of God. 🐫 🪡 💰

Dark mode in an app is worthless if it doesn’t use true black (#000) to prevent an OLED pixel from being illuminated at all.

“The Beard Effect”

Bearded salesmen increase perceptions of expertise, which then increases trust, purchase likelihood, and satisfaction.

I hope the researchers study chest hair and v-neck/open collared shirts on salesmen next. 🦦

Fitbit’s story will end with Google’s acquisition. I was an early employee and am interviewing my peers about the incredible experience it was for so many of us.

There is much to tell and I need your help. Is there anything specific you’d like to know about Fitbit’s story? $FIT

I missed this good news on Monday. Trump’s SCOTUS rejected Indiana’s effort to discriminate against same-sex couples and will continue to preserve the meaning of Obergefell v. Hodges.

TIL Dolly Parton covered my favorite Cat Stevens song and there is an hour long electronic remix album of it. Happy holidays to me.

Just a friendly reminder that you have tons of excellent alternatives to nearly every Google product—including that one you loved it killed.

I have a (free) new book out! "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is an anti-monopolist critique of Big Tech that connects the rise of conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies and proposes a way to deal with both:


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I created a wiki for people seeking alternatives to US-based cloud providers—and I need your help.

Do you know of EU-based alternatives to AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloudflare, et al? Please tell me about them!

Geographic locks in the Apple App Store are a usability nightmare for the 10M Americans living abroad.

I have 2 Apple accounts I have to sign out of/in to in order to maintain my US app subscriptions and update apps only available in the Sverige Apple App Store.

“The top 1% of creators takes on the 1%” is a headline I hope to read one day.

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