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Star Trek Discovery S3E4: the gingerneers and ginger pilot process while the androgynous two-spirit being processes.

Discovery time warped over the point when counselors were introduced as high ranking officials on Federation crews and it shows.

I finally got a standing desk in Sverige!

What is the best monitor arm purchasable in the EU? (Your Wirecutter recommendation is no good here.)

Bonus points for white.

It should be as fluid as a ball-stick iMac G4.

100 new emoji and still no donkey.

Why does the Unicode Consortium leave democrats without representation? Jackasses…

Also, donkeys are adorable.

RT @donwinslow
After we win, we need to have a real conversation about this other guy

It is easier to buy a gun in America than to vote. Claims of fraud are ridiculous.

“It’s easy for us to place all this on Donald Trump’s shoulders. This is us. If we’re going to get past this, we can’t blame it on him. He’s a manifestation of the ugliness in us.” —Eddie Glaude

Must watch video on .

For the last 3 days, I have gotten calls from a UK number. Today I answered and it was a financial scam for safeig dot com. All the classic phishing signs.

Because I use a unique plus alias email address for every company I interact with, I know which infosec team to contact.

Since many Americans are sleeping, it’s up to Americans living in Europe to carry the election anxiety. I barely have done anything productive this morning and I’m not even watching live returns.

God morgon från Sverige…

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I haven’t left bed yet. Can you locate when I opened Apple News using my heart rate?

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Going to bed. Proud of myself for not looking at results at all yet. When I wake up in the morning in Stockholm, it will be midnight in California. We still will not know the winner.

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My heart goes out to everyone whose family is voting against their equal rights today.

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I am giving a lightning talk at The Future of Micropayments virtual unconference on Thursday.

If you are interested in (the proposed W3 standard or the subject in general), join me.

I have a free pass to give if needed.

Annual viewing of “Coco” happened a day late, so we kept the ofrenda lit an extra night.

Genuinely curious: why are so many adults without kids obsessed with Christmas?

I do not understand how a single day could justify spending 1/6th of the year in anticipation of it.

It is !

I am in the best shape of my life on a mostly* vegan diet.

* Husband occasionally uses butter and eggs. I will eat fish when Michelin star restaurant chefs lack the creativity to serve me.

You should watch this documentary:

I beg the Apple Keynote team to please create a way to share the presentation view to Zoom while having the presenter view with speaker notes only visible to me without having to use two monitors.

@ceejbot Your Mixcloud work has gotten me through so much writing the last few months. I would love to make a donation in your honor to a charity of your choice.

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