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The best feature of Chrome 86 is that you can use it to download Firefox 81.

Change your browser, change the world.

I dislike the new alarm editing UI in iOS 14. The easily thumb swipeable UI was replaced with tiny scrollers or a keypad that requires more effort.

One of the most profound latent political statements in internet history was the decision to make "user-agent" the technical term for a web-browser - implying that the browser should work on behalf of its user - and not on behalf of the owner of the server it connects to.


Chat-ops assumes Slack doesn’t go down, which is a bad assumption.

Just realized 30 days have passed since I deleted my Facebook account, which means Facebook has really, actually (allegedly) deleted my account.

I hesitated for so long, but I have not regretted the decision once in the last month.

Megan Thee Stallion’s performance was the best part of last night’s SNL.

What is a pandemic/protest related song getting you thru these times?

While waking up to bad things happening to bad people is a nice change, I can’t help but fear the general trend of our simulation: Trump exposes Biden at the debate, Trump survives, Biden doesn’t.

Good planning requires top-down guidance. There should be a rhythm between leadership and teams. Leadership provides context, teams provide plans, leadership integrates plans, and teams confirm their buy-in. This is a good article explaining that rhythm.

Does macOS 11 have machine learning for autocorrecting misfires from the shit MacBook Pro keyboard?

(Yes, yes, I know the new MacBook Pro fixed this, but my work won’t replace my laptop just because its keyboard design sucks.)

Why did Reuters use a nearly 5 year old Fitbit product as the hero image for that story?

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As of 2020-09-29T13:44Z, I am no longer a $FIT shareholder.

That divestment was way longer than I wanted in order to minimize losses. Learn from your pal and always sell ESPP shares as soon as they vest. Thank you, EU, for the spike to acquisition price.

I first heard about LoRa years ago while working at Fitbit. LongFi smartly combines the IoT networking protocol with a payment protocol. On Friday, I brought the 3rd @Helium router in Stockholm, Sverige online. Here’s an unboxing video.

I thought Slack was mediocre, but then I had to use Discord.

Having to mute a bajillion channels in Discord is a terrible NUX.

“Stage Mother” was a delightfully surprising find today. Touching story, tons of great one liners, and lots of SF b-roll that made me miss The City.

Watching “Chernobyl” on HBO. Why do the Russians speak with the transatlantic accent instead of a Russian accent?

Periodic reminder that Trump lost the popular vote by nearly *3 MILLION* votes in 2016.

Republicans then lost the House and local governments across the country in 2018.

Trump and his political allies have never represented the majority of Americans.

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