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Repeat after me: blockchain is centralised.

You want to tilt the power dynamics to favour social justice? You don’t do that by making a billion copies of the same database. You do it by ensuring that a billion people can have their own unique databases.

Expend your energy to realise topological decentralisation not global proofs. Sure, it won’t make you a billionaire but if that’s what you want, what the fuck you reading my feed for?

The best way for me to get the long list of lingering small tasks done is to know I should be writing a conference talk instead.

90% of the ads on YouTube when ad personalization is off are from Grammarly, a product I will never use.

PSA: Cream cheese does not belong in vegetarian sushi. or any sushi.

I just gave $10 to every non-incumbent woman and person of color running for Congress endorsed by Senator Warren.

The diversity and awesomeness of people running gives me hope for America.

Everyone is like “zomg Spotify is crashing at startup!” but you should know that Deezer is also crashing at startup.

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The Facebook SDK for the second time in less than 3 months is causing many apps to crash at launch. Facebook, once again, considered harmful.

The new `Intl.ListFormat` in JS gets so much right.

1. Serial/Oxford/Harvard comma is used for American English (en-US)
2. `en` behavior is that of American English, not British English

I wish I knew the carbon offset of maintaining house plants because I really want to justify a €30/month plant subscription.

The year of Linux on the desktop will be the year after Web apps supplant OS-dependent apps.

EU startup idea: Wirecutter for EU since none of its recommended products are available outside the US.

Now that I have watched , I have canceled my Disney Positive subscription. $7 well spent.

IETF RFC nerds: how do we get `pronoun` added as a non-enumerated string to vCard?

Pronoun should be a standard field in our contacts apps.

“I’ve always been really curious about things and slightly confused by the world, and I think someone who feels that way is in a good position to be the one asking questions.” —Terry Gross

TIL Securitas, the omnipresent rent-a-cop employer, is a Swedish company.

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