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Evergreen tweet:

It’s fine if you like 𝒙. It’s not for me. Not everything has to be for me. It’s fine if it’s for you. You don’t need to tell me why you like 𝒙.

Recruiters at big companies are like, “We use React!! Isn’t that coooool???”

And all I can think about is the giant bespoke slow loading mess their frontend code is.

Remember the joy of getting to play a multimedia CD-ROM in the library?

Sometimes I wake myself up from laughing in a dream. It’s rare, but it happened this morning. I was dreaming of SNL Stefon as a Barry’s instructor describing NY’s best new workout. Thank you subconscious, I needed that start to a day.

I’ve tried to write a thoughtful post about my heartbreak for the US all week, but haven’t been able to. It always ends in tears, an unsaved draft, and more donations that just feel like throwing money at a problem.

I wish I could more than tweet .

I write most of my website content using CommonMark Markdown, but the frequency in which I have to intermix HTML for semantic, accessibility, or functional reasons makes me want a text editor that produces stripped down HTML, like a Dreamweaver WYSIWYG lite experience.

Google Docs has no way to use A4 paper with margins in millimeters at the same time as American English spelling and grammar checking.

This is almost as absurd as still having paper size as a primary constraint for a digital document in 2020.

After epic estimation and forecasting, a coworker referred to me as Jira-miah.

iOS 13.5 finally fixed the Notes app bug where URL hit areas were too large (one line above and below).

Facebook users, randomized to deactivate their accounts for 4 weeks, freed up an average of 60 minutes a day, spent more time socializing offline, became less politically polarized, and reported improved subjective well-being relative to controls.

I am trying to record spoken versions of the new articles I am writing. Apple Soundtrack Pro was a perfect audio editing app and it doesn’t exist anymore. Audacity won’t record from my USB mic for some reason. I am using Garageband, but it fights me because it was made for music.

I love The Webby Awards. Browsed this year’s nominees for best home page and best individual editorial feature this morning and finished feeling inspired about the Web as a platform.

Well argued and beautifully animated 15 minute introduction to the value of open source software over proprietary software.

has turned us all into Coldplay during government press conferences:

🎶 “I want to know when I can go back and get drunk with my friends” 🎶

This is best visualization of the wealth gap in the US I’ve seen. Worth your scroll.

[me, trying to go to sleep]

Brain: What ever happened to DHTML?

Perhaps 2020 is the year to stop sharing the *NSYNC meme related to tomorrow.

I watched “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” movie about Mr Rogers and read the “Can You Say… Hero?” article in Esquire it was based on. I recommend it if you need a happy tear in these times.

For , join me in supporting Climeworks monthly.

💨 → 🤘 It captures CO₂ from air and turns it into rock in an efficient and verifiable manner.

🌳 Trees are good, but 1 Climeworks collector is 2000× as efficient as trees in the same land area.

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