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Bernie supporters attacking Warren today: your anger is misdirected. Punch up and to the right.

Let’s make sure Trump loses the Electoral College, not just the popular vote—which he did by 2,865,075 votes in 2016, this time.

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Former VP Joe Biden is a mediocre candidate chosen by a scared and myopic Democratic primary electorate—and I endorse him for president.

New rule:
✌️Circle back✌️
to anyone who wants to
✌️double click✌️
on a topic in conversation and
✌️stick a pin✌️
in their lips to prevent them from ever saying it again.

There are stars exploding around you and there’s nothing, nothing I can do to stream this song.

Once again, I fall into my asking-the-abyss-of-Twitter ways.

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Can someone who knows Ragnar Kjartansson please get him to release “The Visitors” on Spotify, Deezer, et al?

Please, take my streaming royalties! 💵

People who work in print design: in a 2-page spread, is there a more semantic name than “left” and “right” page that is not tied to left-to-right languages?

I use Zoom at work, but have had to use Google Meet and GoToMeeting with people outside the company in the last week.

Zoom’s quality and reliability are wildly better.

What is Zoom’s secret here?

3 years ago, I moved to Stockholm. I thought I would for sure be thinking of leaving around this time, but I have fallen in love with this country.

I feel just as much at home here as I did in San Francisco—the only place that ever felt like home in the US.

🇸🇪 💙💛💙

Long term physical distancing questions on my mind:

1. When do I shave my head? It took me so long to be able to rock a quiff.

2. When do I start investing in at-home workout weights, bench, pullup bar, etc?

If you try to support your local book store, please tell me why.

If you are sad about local book stores going out of business, please tell me why.

Turns out, there is no Wiktionary-like source for published books.

I am just going to link to a DuckDuckGo search. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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What is the best way to link to a book that is not Amazon? Is there a Rotten Tomatoes of books? (Good Reads is owned by Amazon.)

Instead of children in Stardew Valley, why can’t I just get more dogs?

means being physically distant, 
but not emotionally distant.

The gymnastics required by Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) to block surveillance by online advertising is getting unreal.

Periodic reminder that nearly 3 million more people voted for Secretary Clinton than Trump.

It’s like if the entire state of Mississippi or Kansas were eligible voters and voted. The size of this margin still amazes me.

I wonder what the effect of on in America has been. 🤔

is a much better UI, but is super buggy and noticeably slower. I wonder if it's the GraphQL.

I really wish I could without losing touch with a few select people.

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