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Is running a ho-hum centrist opportunistic career politician—only this time with a penis—enough of a change from last time to expect a different outcome, Democrats?

The most qualified candidate with the best platform and the best implementation details is a woman. I didn’t have to compromise on any of the things I wanted in a candidate this time. And I got the opportunity to vote for her for president. That’s so cool.

Since the news media seems to have changed successfully to calling corona virus by its more technically correct name, COVID-19, I challenge them also to start referring to SSL as TLS and cyber security as information and network security.

I typed “think tank”.

iOS autoincorrected it to “twink tank” a few words later.

I almost left it.

If you’re looking to start an open source project, I still need Web app alternatives of Adobe Illustrator (or preferably Macromedia Freehand) and Apple iMovie 6.

I built San Francisco in LEGO!

The next part involves leveling the Sunset, building high density housing that’s architecturally not boring, narrowing the streets, and suddenly being able to house the 8,000 people homeless.

I embraced object minimalism (owning less stuff) long ago, but I struggle with doing less. My ambitions and ideas exceed my abilities and time. Oh yeah, and I still gotta sleep and do work work to make dat money.

I know it’s been 3 years, but I miss my birb. 🦜😢

The digital equivalent of a campaign yard sign is a social media profile header.

Get your social media header images here:

Senator Warren makes me feel the hope President Obama inspired—only this time with actual realistic plans to make it happen and no delusion about bipartisanship.

I don’t know if these problems have gotten worse since I left America 3 years ago, but my heart broke every day this week because of them. I would rather pay a 50% tax rate in the middle class and have these problems solved, like in Sverige.

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This is not a dig at San Francisco.

This is shame for a country that has a bunch of billionaires, but doesn’t tax them enough to guarantee everyone a minimum level of decency.

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Bus-, bike-, and taxi-only Market St is 💯. The new Muni and BART busses and trains are a nice improvement, but they’re filled with sick people who need healthcare.

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I walked through a lot of shit on sidewalks in Morocco.

But I had to come to America to walk through blood, vomit, *and* shit on sidewalks.

On this Presidents’ Day, all I can think of is how much I want .

Want to work on some awesome API integrations used by the world’s leading product design teams? InVision is hiring.

We should we replace the todo list app as the quintessential app framework example with an Iowa caucus tabulation app.

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