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The answer to “Is my Apple pencil charged?” is always no.

I went for a walk along the water at sunset sipping a latte and listening to Tycho wearing a silver puffy coat and purple shoes.

Forcing the use of Slack threads is an indication a company likely is using Slack for things it should be using better tools for.

Every time I see something about supporting local bookstores, I wish publishers did their own ebook sales so they/authors could get more revenue from a direct sale, but they’re too afraid of piracy and—welp—I’m never buying tree books again, so their loss is Amazon’s gain. 🤷‍♂️

about:performance (type it in the address bar) became one of my most used features in Firefox last year.

When my laptop’s fans go crazy, I can identify the tab that is being naughty.

Far too many websites—unjustifiably—have a notable energy impact when in the background.

My iPad mini and my Fitbit Versa 2 are my only rechargeable devices remaining that do not use USB-C or Qi to charge. I hope their successors adopt one or both standards by the time they need to be replaced.

Just wasted an hour. Counting down the days to 2021-04-30 when Node.js v10 is EOL and everyone can safely assume use of ESM…

Helluva morning with that news to wake up to…

Bring too many browser tabs in to the new year?

Try the Tab Tosser extension. It automatically closes tabs you’ve forgotten about.

If you really needed the info in that tab, you would have taken action already. Let it go.

I found a variable webfont that would be perfect for a project.

Is the next step creating something cool with it?

No. The next step is figuring out how to license it. Do I buy a one-time license that requires a pageview tracker or do I subscribe to an Adobe product I won’t use?

The Rising 20s

We will reclaim democracy for the people.

We will rebalance society for the benefit of all.

We will prioritize sustainability to address climate change.

We will treat all people equally.

We will reduce gun violence and pointless wars.

We will rise and roar.

Ireland will be the first country to divest from fossil fuels

In the next five years, it will pull $400 million out of carbon-producing companies.

“Knives Out” was so good I hope Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) comes back for more whodunits.

Matrix is like someone took the CouchDB protocol, distributed it even more, and added encryption. This seems very useful for more than messaging.

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