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Looking at another geo dataset is making me feel even better about #OSM. Everyone has bad schemas, everyone has duplicates, everyone has made mistakes. Let's get better together #OpenData

Looking for more things to map in your area of interest?

Use this tool to measure the #StreetComplete-ness level to get an idea of what could be improved: streetcompleteness.haukauntrie



#osmIRL We are pleased to announce a launch of a new service - Cantabular by -this is built off historic admin boundaries present in and assists use of the 1911 Census. Read details here:



The foundation has 4896 members. Can we get 5000? It's £15 to join, and if you've mapped a lot, you can also join for free. Help keep the free map running independently, influence the direction of the project, support our volunteers.


#LoRa Module @PINE64 with the funny PCB Trace behind ... Took me all night to figure out why 😂

Some pretty new #Pine64 hardware to look at. :) Excited to play with this to explore more radio communication fun. Short video clip taking a look. Next: Linuxing up the Gateway!
#LoRa #Radio #SDR #Communication #IoT #Fun #Hardware #SBC #Gateway #Module #Linux

@mobian wrote an interesting recap of the project after one year, and they forgot to toot about it here!

Hat tip to @linmob for mentioning it in their weekly roundup.

0.10.1 is out 🚀 :

Other changes will take some more time so let's release and fixes, updated translations and automatic built-in display rotation.

See above release notes for the full list of changes and contributors.

In case anyone wants to try out receiving MMS messages on their I just wrote down the steps needed for that here, still unofficial and hacky but it does work:

Pinephone: creating encrypted container volume hidden inside a normal looking video file on the #Pinephone! Tested on #Mobian/#Arch Linux for the Pinephone. In addition to #privacy, #encryptioncan protect file integrity
#Steganography #ZuluCrypt #Cryptography #Linux #Security #Privacy #Pine64 #Infosec

Here's @eff special advisor @doctorow on @kcrwpressplay with @themadbrand, explaining why you should care about the @Facebook breach and what you can do about it:

Adam Balla, AKA @chzbacon, has been on the front lines of Linux media for many years. In this week’s blog, we discuss his Linux upbringing leading up to his new role as System76’s Content Producer. Check it out!

#System76 #Blog #Spotlight #Linux


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