Three revisions and I now have the ideal #PinePhone case - tough on the outside, cool on the back, shock-absorbing edge and corners. :)

I created a #Rust library to read #OpenStreetMap data files (PBF, XML, OSC) initially to scratch my own itch. But it's nice that some others are apparentlying finding it and using it and sending me patches. 🙂🙂

Allan Day is working on some exciting updates to the GNOME human interface guidelines, see all the details in his blog post

Connect a screen to your phone and run Krita..... how cool is that!

#krita #mobian #pinephone

Mapping USA is a free #OpenStreetMap virtual event on May 20-22nd. It includes an informal Mappy Hour, ½ day of talks, and a day of workshops, birds of a feather sessions and mapathons. Details:

"Libqmycroft aims to bring the same #mycroft extension capability to traditional input desktop / mobile applications that want to add support for a voice interface without having each application to go through writing their own web-socket / dbus interface to establish a communication layer with Mycroft."

#pinephone #plasmamobile #kde #linuxmobile #opensource

#OpenStreetMap mappers use different approaches to model various types of intersections. The more the number of roads intersect, the more complex the intersection becomes. In this guide, #Mapbox is presenting different cases of intersections with their best practices and recommendations to follow during mapping: While you are there, be sure to check the other guides they have.

Today 20 years ago Douglas Adams died.
I would like to go into the closest building with a level 42
#OverpassTurbo ? #openstreemap

In the eighth episode of #PineTalk, @Ezra and @linmob discuss news on the #PinePhone keyboard accessory, InfiniTime 1.0, #plasmamobile progress, #Megapixels 1.0 and answer three community questions. They also share their minty-fresh first impressions of Pine-y wrist-wear.
Give it a listen:

#podcast #pinetime

🎨 Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet! XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel (using GNU/Linux and Krita), so expect to see that coming soon. Blog-post about this sponsoring:

Linux was invented to stop family members from asking you to fix their computer.

When they know your answer is gonna be "Lemme install Linux on it" they don't ask.

Purism have announced #Librem5 delays and price increases:

Colums are Product Product Status Parts Blocker Shipping Status Shipping Parity Price Increasing

New recipe in our online documentation: Tempeh!

We discovered and learned how to make tempeh two years ago when we lived in Amsterdam. Going vegan invited us to explore food in a way we had never done before. Tempeh is now part of our daily diet. Making it taught us a lot about fermentation and its benefits, helped us understand our environment, made us want to become more resilient, to make our own tools.

#tempeh #fermentation #vegan #knowledge

Looking at another geo dataset is making me feel even better about #OSM. Everyone has bad schemas, everyone has duplicates, everyone has made mistakes. Let's get better together #OpenData

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