@Tutanota The main things missing for me are email import and offline usage. Although I could make work with just the former, I think. Thankfully it seems like they aren't too far away in the roadmap.

I'm actually planning to go pro as soon as I move to Tutanota! Keep up the good work, guys =)

@Tutanota as a Brazilian, this doesn't surprise me at all, but it's still yucky as hell. It's awesome you guys are taking steps to protect journalists.

@Tutanota woo! Good luck with the challenges. Frankly, just imports and offline usage will make me super happy.

@lunduke I'm way too young to have children, but I'll probably either never have any or have one at most.


If I could have one wish granted for a feature to be implemented, it'd be to join timelines from other instances (and hopefully post to them).

I find the current method of only participating and seeing posts from one instance too limiting. People have multiple interests and may want to be a part of more than one community without multiple accounts. Or might prefer the features of one instance and the community of another. Etc. It would improve the concept of decentralysation, IMO.

@jump_spider @Shamar

Sorry to butt in, but personally I agree wholeheartedly. I think the best thing the FSF could do for their movement is to completely rebrand the phrase to something like "libre software".

The current name is so catastrophically bad, I have witnessed multiple people within FLOSS circles that think charging for free software goes against its principles. No amount of "I'd like to interject for a moment" will ever fix such a broken term.

@Gargron I admittedly underestimated the importance of the video. My deepest apologies to the underwater cat deities.

@PINE64 ha, that's great. I partially ask because my girlfriend showed interest for the PineTime, but she doesn't intend to use a Linux phone. If it works with Android, perhaps at one point she'll get one.

@PINE64 what devices will it work with? Only the PinePhone? The PinePhone and the Librem? Replicant/LineageOS?

@gbryant should pineapple on pizza be considered a hate crime?

@DuckDuckGo what the fuck, that is terrifying.

How about this: these devices should be fully open sourced and collect zero data, and anything else is unacceptable?

We're rapidly crossing the border where open source and privacy aren't ideological but wholly practical.

@mikedov @misslav@liberdon.com @gbryant I'd just like to point out that
a) Fedilab is still up on the Google Store iirc, and they removed the block
b) I don't think Librem Social as an instance censors gab or others at all, they only block people from signing in to them because Tusky does

Which I do find a bit weird, because I personally think it makes more sense for instances to block other instances than clients.

@gbryant if you feel like giving some internet stranger all the codes in pm, I can always be a generous soul and make that sacrifice for you

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I bought and plugged Echo in tonight
And she hears every whisper of each quiet conversation
She streams a song, then books a flight
Her LEDs reflect the stars that guide me toward salvation
I stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some old forgotten words to reclaim privacy
He turned to me as if to say
"Foolish boy, it's listening to you!"


Do you have any good dictionary recommendations? (Web-based or otherwise.) I'm having surprising difficulty finding any.

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