@distrotube@mastodon.technology looks like manjaro is going to let you choose either freeoffice or libreoffixe during install.

Starting to get my up and running. Dell R710 running XCP-ng passing an LSI SAS controller to a FreNAS VM

​Working on switching my homelab/server to better hardware and from OpenMediaVault and Virtualbox to XCP-ng and FreeNAS.

Just picked up a Dell r710 2U server with dual xeon L5640's and 48GB of Ram and a 2tb SAS for $220, time to upgrade my home server from a core2quad Q9400 and 8GB. Its been nice, but time to move on.

Camping this weekend was a blast. I didnt get a picture of it but while on a kayaking trip, my son ans I saw a few cranes and a bald eagle.

Hey @lunduke, Is this going to be the year of the Linux Desktop, thanks to MS writing the kernel into windows 10? Sorry for the seemingly dystopian question.

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