V2 a Pi based SCSI to microSD interface has breathed new life into my

I chained it into my Zip drive first to mirror the OS and apps and th en chose it as the start volume.

Then I unplugged the Zip drive that's been the system drive for the past 15 years and voilà! Now I can host as many OS versions and apps as I want! 😍

Great work putting this device together and creating this opportunity @BlueSCSI !

#1987 #2023


@BlueSCSI Purchased pre-assembled from @SMC Thanks so much for the assembly and case! Works great.

I had to remove the screw mounts on the sides to get it into the Mac's port though, which made the metal port edge loose, so I've taped it in place. I'll never be unplugging it so no big deal. Maybe I bought the wrong version?

@ellabellafull @SMC The male adapters are usually not on the device (usually the cable) so yes you do need to remove them - a small 4-40 X 1/4" screw can hold it in place. Talked to Drake(SMC) and he'll include them in future orders. Enjoy your SE!

@BlueSCSI @SMC That's good news! Thanks for the alternate screws suggestion.

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