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You probably didn't have an urge to know how deep fryers are cleaned. But this is where we are now.


The music is really good.


Listened to this @MoneroTalk episode about the dangers of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and what to do about that:

What do you think, do we need privacy of digital payments, as we have been used to with cash, where person A can give money to person B peer-to-peer without anyone else knowing it? (If you go for the "in between" option, please comment to explain what you mean and how that's possible.)

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The Linux Experiment posts videos about Linux, FOSS, tech news and related topics. You can follow them at:

➡️ @thelinuxexperiment

If the videos haven't federated to your server yet, you can browse them all at

You can also follow their general social media account at @thelinuxEXP

#FeaturedPeerTube #Linux #GNULinux #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #TechNews #Computing #PeerTube #PeerTubers

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@libreoffice I've been using #LibreOffice for many years. Only when I'm forced I use another office suite, and that did not happen in the last 2.5 years.

I highly recommend LibreOffice!

#FOSS #opensource #DigitalSovereignty

Look, report-writing experts have discovered Mastodon 😄

"Children should not access most social media until 18 amid attempt to ‘monetise’ and ‘control’ them, says study commissioned by Macron"

"The report said a 15-year-old should be able to access only what the report called “ethical” social media, such as Mastodon."

"Tech is and will remain a fantastic tool, but it has to act in people’s service, not people being reduced to serving a product."


Swedish politics, in Swedish 

Hi @bagder any chance of another episode of the podcast soon? Your listeners are starving 🙂

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LLM's are an advancement in "AI" the same way stage magicians have gotten us closer to safely sawing people in half

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En ledare jag aldrig trott jag skulle läsa på Expressen. En text som faktiskt pekar på vart ansvaret över nazisternas våld finns.

Av Anna Hellgren

"Det är impopulärt att påpeka numera, men en sån här dag förtjänar det att sägas igen. De högerextrema huliganer som vandaliserar migrantläger och attackerar politiska möten är en del av den politiska rörelse i vilken Sverigedemokraterna har sina rötter. "

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Very, very happy that our proposal for adding #cellbroadcast support to #ModemManager and #Phosh was accepted by @NGIZero : 🗼 〰️ 📱


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Have you thought *at* *all*, for even a minute, about the business model of OpenAI?

In one sentence: "We will take every actual human-created content, the golden egg, from everyone, without permission, and then we will use it to sell plausible made-up shit, simultaneously choking out the creation of all new human-created content, the goose."

Ponzi was *vastly* more sophisticated than this.

I've long regarded extractive capitalism as corrupt, but I had no idea they were all so stupid.

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Alrighty, #PeerTube is now on Backblaze object storage. If your Looking at starting a channel:

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i love you, random people who write scripts that do specifically the task i need and put them on their websites

Statyerna på torg har fått halsdukar idag, tydligen en hälsning från

"Stickar för klimatet"
"1,5 grader"
"Vi drar en gräns"

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let's do some crowd sourced telemetry, please boost for reach.

Help me decide what i should be focusing on with regards to OnePlus 6/sdm845 #LinuxMobile development.

"mainline" => any Linux mobile distro shipping a close to mainline kernel

please only respond if one of the options below accurately describes you!

#kernel #postmarketos #linux

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Föreningar som utvecklar det vilda internet En hel del av utvecklingen och utbyggnaden av mångfaldens internet, det vilda internt, Fediversum, sker genom föreningar. De finns framförallt i Europa men några finns i USA. Det går att hävda att det är föreningar som utvecklar det mångfaldiga, fria och vilda internet. Läs mer… …

svpol, visitationszoner 

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