@roptat thanks for your nice visualization of in apps in it is interesting to see which languages are the most active. If you're interested in more data sources, there are a lot of public data sources:

For example, you might enjoy looking at the most popular search queries with the included language and country data:

Interresting how language data of queries don't correlate that much with translations :)

@roptat how so? You mean like level of completion versus how popular a language is?

Yeah, it's roughly the same languages, but not in the same order or proportion. Looks like French, Italian and Ukrainian especially have much higher translation level than the language frequency in visit data.

@roptat From what I've seen, it is quite common for one translator to be very active in their language. So many languages in many projects are translated basically by a single person. So complete translations can often just mean a very dedicated single volunteer rather than lots of users interested in the language. This is the volunteer-driven model. I imagine that paid translations would follow user demand a lot more.

There will be more interesting data coming soon, we'll announce it soon.

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