So one of my old FLOSS games got removed from Google Play Store because apparently "No information is gathered from users whatsoever" is not a valid privacy policy for an application that does not gather any information from users whatsoever 🤷

@dos replace it with
"gathers benefitial health info due to exposure of Dihydro Monoxide"

@dos perhaps the statement contradicts to requested permissions. I.e. it goes about possibility to gather data rather than gathering. So you need to explicitly call out that despite perms no data is being gathered apart of resources/configs installed by the game itself.

@ruff It doesn't even request any permissions. It's an Allegro game - one big OpenGL context, audio output, touch input and just enough Java glue to get multiplatform C code going, there's nothing more there.

@dos fair enough, then perhaps google knows something what we don't - like if you publish something on appstore your google account always collects some data about people installing the app. Never published into google appstore so this is just speculation :)

@chrichri I wish! I have no idea how to build it with F-Droid's build system (it's a cmake project that embeds gradle). It is in my own repo though:

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