With phoc being a phone compositor and touchscreen being a primary input device, mouse pointer handling has been a bit neglected - but it's going to change soon! Fixing some pointer-related bugs and adding quality of life improvements in :) @purism

@dos @purism I have a strange question. Where does phoc end and phosh begin?

@Lofenyy @purism phoc is the compositor, phosh is the shell. phoc draws all surfaces on screen and handles window management, but has no UI on its own. phosh provides the UI and implements GNOME interfaces.

phoc is like kwin; phosh is like plasmashell

@dos @purism That looks really smooth! Is that external display running at 60fps @ 1080p? Cause if so, the L5 may be a bit snappier than my rpi4.

@leimon @purism Not on this video - I switched to 1366x768@60 because this TV looks bad at 1080p for some reason.

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