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Problems we face today:

❌ Climate crisis
❌ Systemic inequality
❌ War, poverty, and disease

Silicon Valley’s solutions:

✅ Blockchain
✅ NFTs
✅ Billionaires in space

What planet are these people on?


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My first computer was a Commodore C16 in 1986, followed by a C128D in 1987, on which I ran the included CP/M 3.0 and wrote my first Turbo pascal programs on it.
1991, I got my first MS-DOS-based PC with a real screen reader, HAL v4.5 by @yourdolphin.
RT @BlondeHistorian
But if you’re blind how do you type?! 👩🏼‍🦯🤳🏻

Blind people online have to answer these kind of questions constantly.

So help raise some awareness & share this…

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Advert in today's Australian @FinancialReview: Julian Assange faces extradition to the US and a 175 year sentence simply for publishing truthful documents #auspol #FreeAssangeNOW #DickSmith

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Universal Audio said they'd invest in Linux support for their devices if tens of thousands of people signed a petition. So, here's that petition:

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71% of Australians polled by the Sydney Morning Herald on 18th December support calls for @wikileaks founder and publisher Julian Assange to be 'brought back to Australia' @smh #FreeAssangeNOW

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OCR Output (chars: 224) 

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US folks, please call your representatives and ask them to support H.R.4728, the Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act. In fact, ask them to cosponsor it.

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Of course Elsevier's "enhanced pdf viewer" tracks where you click, view, if you hide the page, etc. and then transmits a big base64 blob of events along with ID from University proxy when you leave. I'm sure straight to SciVal for sale.
Is this the way we want science to work?

A good video looking at the carbon impacts of meat. I rarely eat meat because of the sustainability issues. 26% of carbon emissions is from farming and I feel this is the only industry we cannot just switch to a carbon neutral version. It requires personal change 😔

Is Meat Really That Bad?
By Kurzgersagt - In a nut shell

I read an article from RAC about buying a new car. Does anyone see how their own stats don't prove their point?

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Unpopular opinion: One should never call themselves an expat. Sure, it used to have a specific meaning, but nowadays, its meaning is just "privileged (white) immigrant".

Ever since I moved to Berlin, I made a point to call myself an immigrant, and it was surprising how many low-key racists got confused by that, as they preferred to call white immigrants expats to differentiate that from "the bad ones".

Note, you're not bad for calling yourself an expat, but it's worth a reevaluation.

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Dear doubters, it is now 10 months of global vaccination. More than 6 billion doses have been administered. We know about all the common and rare side effects. #GetVaccinated. It is safe. And it stops the pandemic. Please do your part, just as billions have already done.

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Are you a software maintainer? Please upload your releases with source code to and make this a part of your release process. This will ensure that anyone wanting to use your software in the future will be able to find it. Please boost.

On the plus it's good to have a lot of information in the 'same place' and in a standard manor. I'm guessing that's why the UI/UX has not been improved over the decades.

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The worst thing on Linux is 'man' I hate nearly everything about this program.

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@alcinnz @tychosoft we also have to remember that 'open source' to them means 'weakly licensed, corporate-exploitable-without-giving-back' open source, *not* Copyleft. Never copyleft. Copyleft is a like a right angle (or a crucifix) to a vampire.

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