Attending CMD+CTRL CyberRange at August. ,9 10:00
am - 9:00
pm in Contest Floor (PH Celebrity Ballroom)

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Copyright may be broken, but turning the Copyright Office into the court, judge, and jury for bulk copyright claims is not how to fix it.

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So much drama in the SPC
It's kinda hard being T-O-double-D
But, he, somehow, someway, keeps on comin' up with Librem hardware every single day

He's got coders in the chat room buildin' a phone
They ain't leavin' till 6 in the morn (PST)
Now we gonna pick a license for this. GNU's up, closed's down while you other developers code to this.

Rollin' down the street, writin' free code, licensed for GNU, laid back, with my mind on the Librem and the Librem on my mind.

@purism thank you for making such an amazing service

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