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if breath of the wild is so good why isn't there breath of the wil-
inb4 geralt in smash
not that I play smash or care about it because I have no friends
Switch games are instantly more appealing to me tbh. I want all my stuff on one console if not on pc and id rather not buy more ps4 games. I have one but I don't wanna plug it in
are you kidding me?
They got the witcher running on a switch!?
Whomever thinks vim or emacs is usable as a text editor is objectively wrong

Javascript 2004:

· Dynamic web content
· Web forms
· Clocks
· Very basic games involving tables and small images or text-based games
· Interactive menus
· Cookies

Javascript 2019:
· Backend programming
· Frameworks
· Asynchronous programming
· Ajax
· Cryptominers
· Ads and trackers

No wonder why people hates Javascript

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