I finally moved my webpage from wordpress to a simple custom made html/css inspired by @ChrisWere et al. and also by the fact that so many wordpress themes has started using google fonts. It was built with a simple python scipt and xml-files. Check it out at: arvidmarklund.com

@arvid does your python script do more than what Jekyll does? Just asking because that’s what I use for my website.

@arvid it’s the system that github used to generate all of their static webpages. I pretty much use it to automatically generate the headers and footers for my pages. What does your python script do?

@Marno I see. It compiles htlm and rss from xml-files in the projects /posts and /pages directories. It also generates links from the tags/categories and puts them in all footers. After that I just upload the entire public_html-directory to my web server.

@arvid that sounds useful. Are you willing to share the code?

@Marno Sure! I mean I'm not a programmer and its kind of a quick and dirty solution, but if you want to have a look at it I can email you the files. Maybe someone else can make it into something useful :)

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