I remember how nervous I was when (in early 2020) I went to the post office with my 📱 to drop off a 📦 and present the barcode on the phone. (Having previously scp'ed the pdf to the phone to show it in evince).

Would the 🔋 last? Would it overheat? Would the display stack hold? It worked.

Nowadays I don't spend a thought: Fill in the data on my laptop, save the pdf, have it synced automatically via to 's ticket-box folder and show it at the counter. ✅

@agx #syncthing is seriously one of the most useful pieces of software ever made

@agx Hah, I remember scanning my 36C3 ticket in December 2019 and turning the phone off whenever I wasn't using it there. Good that it booted quite fast 😁 We're such a long way from there now.

@agx it's an amazing device, the power of a pc in your pocket but without a company forcing you to use it a certain way.

@agx It's amazing how far you and the rest of the community have brought the ecosystem.

I had a fairly substantial international commute the other day involving a car (BT audio, Lollypop, Puremaps), train (Firefox to activate my ticket), and finally the venue (Syncthing'd ticket PDF via login-screen plugin). Battery was not a concern.

It's also *really* neat how much better GPS has gotten. Positioning error occasionally spiked, but it tracked my position almost perfectly.

@okennedy 🚀 Awesome! Seeing more and more use cases working is great.

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