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First up! Our Become Anonymous Guide is our recommended place to get started. This 30-minute video takes you through 3 zones of difficulty for a personalized level of safety: youtube.com/watch?v=a1i-3xwcSG

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Hello 3D printing and CAD folks, I would like some advice:

I want to introduce my 10-year-old son to simple 3D modeling and CAD so he could design objects to send to our 3D printer. I am looking for software that is easy to use, even if functionality is limited, FOSS if possible. I have no CAD skills myself, and opening FreeCAD for the first time was pretty intimidating. I would also prefer something GUI/mouse-based, not declarative (ie not OpenSCAD).

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My handwoven tote bag is done! I wasn't sure whether my plan for the tweed background and purple krokbragd pattern stripe would work but I'm really happy how it turned out.

This time I used raw leather strips for the handles which meant an extra hour punching holes in leather. Like my previous tote this is lined and has interfacing so it can stand up on its own.

@techlore@mastodon.social Just watched your propmotion of Mastodon and realized what my my account on social.librem.one was :)

ps> testing, please comment.

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Making a call from the app on the (and yes audio worked ;) ). This is still a development version of gnome-calls. And work still needs to be done to make it more user friendly and integrated with other components. But hey it is progress :D
Credits go out to: @devrtz that has been working to add on gnome-calls. Also the account on the phone is an jmp.chat account, shoutout to them as jmp.chat is an awesome service :D

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