People had different theories why phosh-osk-stub woudn't use the whole display width on wider displays so I was buckling up for a full afternoon of debugging sizing issues but as it turns out after a couple of minutes we were just missing a tightening-threshold in a HdyClamp: Rest of the afternoon saved thanks to inspector 🎉

@agx Whoa, looks like there are some serious improvements to that version of the OSK (I like the incorporation of spelling suggestions). Will those updates be coming to the soon, or is this something slated instead for the Crimson software release?

@leimon I didn't upload phosh-osk-stub ( to Byzantium as I don't consider it production ready (it fits my personal use cases though). Older versions are in Octarine and recent ones are in Pureos Crimson and Debian testing. It builds and runs on Byzantium fine though (I'm using `l5-fetch-next phosh-osk-stub` to install it there).

@agx Does this also mean it will use full width when using fractional scaling?

@usia Fractional or not shouldn't matter. Here's a screenshot at 800x800 scale 1.5 (just and -osk-stub).

1️⃣ /2️⃣

@usia …and at scale 1.75 (again without phosh and completion disabled):

2️⃣ /2️⃣

@agx Is there a way to use phosh-osk-stub as replacement for sqeekboard?
My main complain is the lack of propper fractional scaling with squeekboard.

@usia On PureOS / Debian / Mobian you just use

update-alternatives --config Phosh-OSK

On other systems you can just install to /usr/local and it will be picked up as it puts a `sm.puri.OSK0.desktop` in place there by default.

That said there's lots of things that phosh-osk-stub doesn't do so make sure you can switch back.

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