With the groundwork done in 0.25 and the (upcoming) 0.26 to move power button handling from the compositor () to the shell (phosh) we'd have the bits in place to wire up a long press menu for e.g. emergency calls, screenshots, etc.

This certainly needs styling but it'd be nice to see the first bits in 0.27. I became used to it pretty quickly.

The first bits of emergency call support landed in calls 44 so that Thomas's emergency call work ( can hopefully land soon.

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Some of the styling for 's long button press menu is now in place (aka merge requests) and things are also tied to the emergency call side.

This is how it looks when emergency call numbers are fetched from the phone's sim card:

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and this is how it looks when we actually do an emergency call (backed by GNOME call's dummy plugin so the call isn't actually going out). It also shows that things work the same way in the locked and unlocked shell:

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Now that I know Thomas' fediverse handle:

The emergency calls MR above is by @CoderThomasB 👍

Icons in the power-button MR are by @snwh 👍

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@agx Great! Do you know if there are ways to test that, to avoid spamming the real emergency services with test calls?

@eliasr I implemented emergency call support in call's dummy provider so you can test all the software side bits in calls and phosh except for really dialing out.
Implementing a "dummy modem" in ModemManager would allow us to test that path too (any takers?).

For actual end to end I know two ways: either your own gps cell or a place/provider where it's easy to test. I know of this one in Austria but links to other locations would be welcome too.

@agx @eliasr Belgium has test numbers which connect you to the real thing but right before you get an operator an automatic message is played.

@dylanvanassche @agx @eliasr

Something else that might be intteresting too:

It is a private LTE network, but it is likely only data. I wonder if you can hack it to use SMS and calls to test the functionality?

@dylanvanassche @kop316 @agx @eliasr I can make the Pinephone modem hijack calls to 112 and make it answer them so you can test this out without disturbing the real emergency services, would that be enough to test the functionality?

@biktorgj @kop316 @agx @eliasr Well for my use case it is not enough as I want at some point get VoLTE working with emergency services. The latter is another can of worms which requires the real thing :)

@biktorgj @dylanvanassche @kop316 @eliasr Interesting! That would help for a lot of things already. For some things we'll need a femtocell but for testing the software side (including MM) that would be great. Any chance to have that for the modem too? (As I have those around 😃 )

@agx @dylanvanassche @kop316 @eliasr
Unfortunately not yet :(
I do have a port of the modem firmware for the Broadmobi, but the modem doesn't want to boot the original baseband firmware from linux, and while it can boot firmware from other modems it doesn't really work well. But I'm also working on a port for another modem you can replace the Broadmobi with, and has more flash and ram so I'm sure we could get something running :)

@dylanvanassche @eliasr do you have a link here? I'm currently collecting links for countries / providers that allow to test emergency call routing.

@eliasr The emergency menu talks to the calls app via dbus under the hood and if you start the calls app with the "-p dummy" flag it will allows you to place dummy calls and provide dummy emergency numbers, so you can test the system. This is the way I have been doing it for my testing.

@agx Does this change make it possible to add global mappings for things like Power+VolUp?

@whynothugo Not yet, that needs a bit more work on the compositor side.

@agx very nice! looking forward to using those screenshot controls 😀

@agx i love that you can have a custom list of emergency numbers

@baliceauxPelican In fact we get those from the SIM only atm but custom numbers are on the list (it's something that happens entirely on the calls app side).

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