With the groundwork done in 0.25 and the (upcoming) 0.26 to move power button handling from the compositor () to the shell (phosh) we'd have the bits in place to wire up a long press menu for e.g. emergency calls, screenshots, etc.

This certainly needs styling but it'd be nice to see the first bits in 0.27. I became used to it pretty quickly.

Some of the styling for 's long button press menu is now in place (aka merge requests) and things are also tied to the emergency call side.

This is how it looks when emergency call numbers are fetched from the phone's sim card:

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and this is how it looks when we actually do an emergency call (backed by GNOME call's dummy plugin so the call isn't actually going out). It also shows that things work the same way in the locked and unlocked shell:

Now that I know Thomas' fediverse handle:

The emergency calls MR above is by @CoderThomasB 👍

Icons in the power-button MR are by @snwh 👍

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