📱 On my way to and it was the first time I could show the QR code of a train ticket on 's lockscreen to the conductor (had to resort to unlock ➡️ nautilus ➡️ evince so far).

For that I stitched together a lockscren plugin that leverages 's libevince. Hope the other tickets will works just as well tomorrow.


@agx @purism Awesome! Is this available somewhere? I've been a bit disappointed by the current boarding pass offerings on linux at the moment... neither KItinerary nor Gnome Passes seems to be able to handle a simple PDF.


@okennedy @purism source.puri.sm/guido.gunther/p - you just dump everything into a `~/phosh-ticket-box` folder atm. A real "ticket" app needs to come next as we want more metadata attached so the widget can become more clever.

@agx @purism Cool... I'll have to play around with this when I get a chance.

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