📱 On my way to and it was the first time I could show the QR code of a train ticket on 's lockscreen to the conductor (had to resort to unlock ➡️ nautilus ➡️ evince so far).

For that I stitched together a lockscren plugin that leverages 's libevince. Hope the other tickets will works just as well tomorrow.


@purism and it worked for for the other tickets on the way too 🙂 . Tweaked the UI a bit to use a close button rather than back which looks less confusing.

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@agx @purism Awesome! Is this available somewhere? I've been a bit disappointed by the current boarding pass offerings on linux at the moment... neither KItinerary nor Gnome Passes seems to be able to handle a simple PDF.

@okennedy @purism - you just dump everything into a `~/phosh-ticket-box` folder atm. A real "ticket" app needs to come next as we want more metadata attached so the widget can become more clever.

@agx @purism Cool... I'll have to play around with this when I get a chance.

@agx @purism Nice! I would have resorted to using KDE Itinerary, but having the QR code right on the lock screen sounds quite convenient, too.

@linmob @agx @purism I haven't had any luck getting KDE Itinerary to import certain types of tickets (e.g., Amtrak). It tries and fails to identify metadata in the file and then refuses to import the ticket. Nautilus + Evince continues to be my method of choice.

@okennedy @linmob @agx @purism You should report the issue upstream and provide the author with an example ticket that fails. In my experience they are very willing to fix such issues when they appear.

@bart @okennedy @agx @purism Like Bart wrote (from recent blog post about Itinerary, "Feedback and travel document samples are very much welcome, and there are plenty of other things that can be done without traveling as well."

@bart @linmob @agx @purism What's missing is the ability to import just a simple PDF. No metadata, no need for developers to update things when schemas, APIs, or ticket formats change. I'm happy to provide examples of past tickets, but the point is that these tools default to being clever, which inevitably leads to excluded edge cases. I like @agx 's approach better: default to the minimum functionality required (display a PDF on the lockscreen) and layer the clever features on top of that.

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