phosh 0.13.1 is out ūüöÄ :

Feedback quick setting cycles through all modes, "Close all" notifications button, improved encrypted media handling and fractional scaling improvements.

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@agx Successfully compiled and running on my Pinephone with Manjaro. Loving the fractional scaling but squeekboard doesn't seem to be working, the icon in the bottom right is greyed out. Do I also need to compile the latest release of it as well?

@joshfowler squeekboard is not affected/changed by this release, likely it's "just" not running in your session? Squeekboard startup is still snowflaky: . Or maybe you're running `phosh-osk-stub` (which is just for tests).

@agx Thanks for the quick reply. I can run squeekboard manually via SSH and it behaves as normal. I'm guessing that there is something in Manjaro changes for Phosh that has been overwritten by compiling and deploying myself. How is the squeekboard startup script called normally?

@joshfowler gnome-session brings up the required components in `phosh.session.desktop`. The OSK one is named `sm.puri.OSK0`

@agx Hmmmm, everything is fine if I roll back to 0.12.1. However now sound isn't working so I'm going to try 0.13.1 on a fresh install to make sure I'm not leading us down a rabbit hole!

@joshfowler well if you can start squeekboard manually then something is wrong with your session. Are yo maybe using systemd activation while manjaro uses builtin session (see meson_options.txt)?

@joshfowler you can also just replace the /usr/bin/libexec/phosh binary and keep everything else as is from 0.12.1 - nothing important changed in the surroundings.

@agx I can't seem to find that path and whereis phosh returns:
phosh: /usr/bin/phosh /usr/lib/phosh /usr/local/bin/phosh /usr/share/phosh

@joshfowler having it both in /usr/local/bin/ ans /usr/bin looks odd. The binary is likely in `/u/lib/phosh` in your case then (try `file` it needs to be an elf executable)

@joshfowler if i had to debug this i'd look first what desktop (or systemd unit) is invoked to for the OSK on session startup and then see why it doesn't happen (e.g. wrong path in desktop file, ...). The journal should tell you too (journalctl -b 0).

@agx /usr/local/libexec/phosh is the binary produced from the GIT repo. I've just finished recompiling with the systemd option in meson-option.txt set to true and there is no change. I believe I have found the relevant info in journalctl: Unable to toggle OSK: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name sm.puri.OSK0 was not provided by any .service files.

@joshfowler that says the keyboard isn't there when phosh wants to talk to it, that's not necessarily a problem but indicates that something is wrong (e.g. your distro calls it differently) - . Look at `gnome-session` in the logs. Phosh itself (the shell bianry) isn't really involved here (it's just that the git repo also contains the session file that lists the session components).

@joshfowler Also locate all sm.puri.OSK0.desktop and make sure none conatins "Exec=/usr/local/bin/phosh-osk-stub"

@agx The session does seem to be handled by systemd but I haven't changed that at all. I flashed the latest beta13 Manjaro Phosh onto my Braveheart with the same squeekboard issue, sound is fine however so I'm guessing that's some other issue on my other Pinephone. In the meson_options.txt file do I just need to make the systemd option true?

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