Notifications are coming to 's lockscreen. Also in progress is different haptic/led feedback depending on the set notification category. The /#feedbackd side is mostly there and it works with but needs changes in to work with too.

The / side went smoother than expected (thanks Philip!) so chatty and calls will show different LED feedback in upcoming releases: once 2.70 is out.

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@agx Looks great!

So they used to be in and got taken out? What happened?

@iooioio libnotify supports all the details of the fdo notification spec while glib being cross platform only uses a subset and e.g. categories are an fdo only thing (not even the flatpak portals support any way to convey those details). So we need to find a way to have applications suppply this inforation:

@agx Thanks for the background info. I actually misread the original toot, thinking it said notifications were coming _back_.

@agx if you're looking for a push notification service, check out @unifiedpush, the Linux library (most of which I wrote) currently needs adoption, I just can't find projects interested yet

@karmanyaahm @unifiedpush thanks. A self hostablle push notification service would certainly be nice for apps to use at some point. Is there work being done on a distributor for GNOME or Linux in general?

@agx @unifiedpush There is a gotify distributor that works fine but there's no GUI yet for login and management. I think a system settings module would be useful for each DE for such config, but no work is being done on that ATM.


...talking about notifications ;-) ...

Can you help me with this question about them?

@agx How does it work with the music control widget on the lockscreen?

@agx Will this fall in line with the player widget redesign MR?

@Alexmitter nobody is working on the media player widget atm afaik

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